Supernatural Stars Support Black Businesses and Black Lives Matter

Supernatural stars Danneel Ackles, Jensen Ackles, Ruthie Connell and Genevieve Padalecki promote Viva La Silk, a black business designed by My-Cherie, plus Misha Collins moderates a panel with Briona Jenkins, Daryl Davis, Baratunde Thurston and RevDeborah L. Johnson discussing racial inequality and injustice.

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Posted On: June 5th, 2020 1:27 pm pst

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This week has been heavy on many hearts with the events occurring after George Floyd’s death. Even though we all are heartbroken, we still have to keep going if we want change to happen. 

Social media went dark on Tuesday to honor Black Lives Matter and the stars of Supernatural showed their support by doing the same using #BlackoutTuesday. 

Aside from bringing awareness, they are supporting black and minority businesses. 

“I am going to commit to buying and promoting more products by black and minority companies on my platform…The products I choose to feature will be researched and paid for by me…I encourage others to research and seek out products made by people of color, let’s share and amplify those voices.” 

Danneel Ackles’ [Anael/ Sister Jo] first business she  shares on her Instagram is Viva La Silk. My-Cherie is the artist and designer of the handcrafted silk fabrics that can be worn as hair scarfs, cardigans, wrapped skirts, or a crop top. 

“Her designs are hand -dyed and hand painted, in small batches, in Austin Tx…she is also committed to giving back! For every purchase made $1 is given to @creativeaction, a non-profit that supports the creativity and development of the arts for youth in the community.”  

Check out to view more products and more designed scarfs. 

Another important thing for everyone to check out is Danneel’s IGTV. She posted a 51 minute video with her and her husband Jensen [Dean Winchester] listening in on a conversation discussing racial inequality and injustice.   Misha Collins [Castiel] lead the panel with Daryl Davis, Baratunde Thurston, Briona Jenkins, and RevDeborah L. Johnson who all are renowned black activists. 

Briona Jenkins is a public speaker and activist for LGBTQIA+ and black communities. 

Daryl Davis is the author of Kladestine Relationships: A Black Man’s Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan and his own  podcast called Changing Minds with Daryl Davis

Baratunde Thurston is a writer, commentator, and author: How to Be Black.  

RevDeborah L. Johnson is a reverend and author: The Sacred Yes.

“The tipping point is coming now and I know it happens..” Daryl explains, “everytime there is a shooting or a killing of an unarmed black man we think that’s going to be the change and everything is going to improve. It does improve slightly, each time but the point is that we’ve been fighting, still fighting the Civil War since it officially ended in 1865..still, we continue to be treated unequally. But going forward I think one of the biggest things that we’ve seen now is that people of all colors are coming…to this change that must take place and that is a good sign and I feel that the end of this war is nearing.”

Make sure to watch the full video as they explain ways to make a difference, doing more than just posting on social media and donating. In order for change or growth to happen we need to get uncomfortable. There are many different ways to show up. 

Jensen is taking this time to not only educate his kids, but also himself. 

“Meanwhile, as a father of three young children..I not only want to further educate myself on inequality, prejudicial injustice and overall race issues, but also source the tools that will help me educate my kids on these topics.” 

Ruthie Connell [Rowena] shared a video of protesters on the street holding up signs as cars were honking. It’s been devisistaing to see what’s been shown on TV, but Ruthie wants to show that there are many people who want change. 

“All the car honks so uplifting but mostly kudos to the people outside for hours in the baking heat. It’s been utterly demoralizing to see so much of what I’ve been watching on tv, but the reality seems to be so many people want change for the good – hearts and minds can be big.” 

Genevieve Padalecki [Ruby] has taken the past few days to listen and learn. She makes a point that posting on social media isn’t enough. Genevieve shares links to where you can sign petitions and donate to organizations that are committed to making a change. 

“I know that’s only a beginning. I hope you’ll join me in donating your voice.” 

Check out to learn and make a difference. 

Thank you to the stars of Supernatural for sharing your platform, so the black community voices can be heard. We’re off to a good start, but this is only the beginning. 

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