Supernatural Star Jared Padalecki Celebrates His Birthday Today!

 Today is The CW’s Supernatural Jared Padalecki birthday and here are his top career moments including; Gilmore Girls,  Friday the 13th, & New York Minute with  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

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Posted On: July 19th, 2020 3:31 pm pst

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Welcome back to another CW News Weekly! It’s July 19th and this entire article is in celebration of one of our favorite CW actors, Jared Padaleck who plays Sam Winchester from Supernatural! 

As many of you know Jared from Supernatural  but you might not know of his other top career moments!  

Gilmore Girls (2000) 

Our boy Jared wasn’t always a Sam, but rather a “Dean” Forrester. He played the local “bad boy” who became Rory Gilmore’s boyfriend. Dean Forrester first appeared on the pilot episode and was on the Gilmore ride for five seasons. He then joined the residents of Stars Hollow for the Netflix special Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

A fun little bit of trivia about Padalecki’s part. Jared was the third Dean casted, they even taped the pilot episode two times prior to Padalecki playing the role of Dean. The third time is the charm, right?

New York Minute 2004

Padalecki played the role of Trey Lipton, who was the love interest of Mary Kate Olson’s character Roxy Ryan. 

Trey first meets Ryan and her sister Jane [Ashley Olson] when they break into his hotel room, trying to get cleaned up after getting themselves into a few bad mishaps. Immediately growing an attraction towards Roxy, Trey offers to help her and Jane find their way throughout New York City. It’s a crazy adventure with car chases in a Taxi and rocking out to Simple Plan.  

Friday the 13 2009

Now if you have seen this 2009 classic horror remake, you may have noticed another famous CW actress, Danielle Panabaker, from The Flash who co-starred alongside Padalecki in Friday the 13th

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Friday the 13th (2009) … Friday the 13th review series: In the reboot film, a dude in search of his missing sister happens upon a cabin full of young partygoers… And a rampaging Jason Voorhees… 'Kay, I adore this one. There's only one thing I don't like about it, and that's a matter of personal taste. Marcus Nispel and co. really fucking delivered with this one, ripping through three Friday films in one pop, with a couple different groups of kids. Derek Mears is world champion. If I can't have Hodder, Mears is dead even. The ferocity. Good gawd. Huge points for Jared Padelecki and Ben Feldman, and I cannot forget Danielle Panabaker. I love these people. And daaaang, that final girl red herring was gutsy. The kills are savage and great. Scott Stoddard on fx bringing in hardcore gore that is more than satisfying. Trent's kill completes the holy trinity of most satisfying kills for me, along with Melissa (part 7) and Charles (8). The atmosphere is thick and shifting. Even if Jason is more full frontal assault here, the atmosphere lurks as the character once did. My beef? The tits. Yes, the tits. I know, me of all people. Listen, I ultimately give these guys the win because they brought that element back IN FORCE blessedly, but most of 'em are big and fake-looking and I'm VEHEMENTLY against that. One rubber effect I have no use for 😂😂😂 to each his/her own, but it ruins it for me. Keep your naturals 😭😭😭😂😂😂 but hey, glad they're there anyway. It's the thought that counts. Where the fuck was I?! Oh yeah, this movie fucking rules and I want sequels ya ding-dongs, what gives?!! #fridaythe13th2009 #fridaythe13th #marcusnispel #scottstoddard #derekmears #daniellepanabaker #jaredpadelecki #benfeldman #fbf #flashbackfriday #horror #horrormovies #bmovies #schlock #practicaleffects #sfx #rubbermonsters #rubbermonstersofschlockland

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Wow, what an actor right? And of course we can’t forget the hit CW Series Supernatural where Padalecki stars alongside Jensen Ackles [Dean Winchester] where they chase mythical monsters in search of their dad who disappeared after going on a hunting trip….this one is our personal favorite! 

Well, that’s all I have to say other than a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jared Padalecki. We hope you enjoy your day with your family! As one of your biggest fans Jared, I can’t wait until Supernatural returns to finish out the rest of the series.  

Make sure you go onto social media and wish Jared Padalecki a huge Happy Birthday and either tag AfterBuzz TV or use the hashtag #CWNewsWeekly. 

Happy Birthday, Jared, you deserve the world.

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