Sugar Rush Contender Zerrick Williams Shares His Experience on the Netflix Show

Netflix’s, ‘Sugar Rush’ runner-up,  Zerrick Williams shares his experience on the show and his own Atlanta-based business; Snackiecakez.

Princess Carroll

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Posted On: August 16th, 2020 8:35 pm pst

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This week we sat down with Netflix’s Sugar Rush runner-up, Zerrick Williams. He shared details about his experience on the show and his own Atlanta-based business, Snackiecakez.

On the show, we saw you partnered with Keon. How did you end up on the show together?

“Me and Keon actually own two separate businesses. We were just friends and we ended being partners on the show.”

Got it! Can you tell us about the history of your company, Snackiecakez? Tell us about the name and how you got into baking. We want to hear your story!

“Snackiecakez was born three years ago. I was actually baking as a hobby; I would bake cakes here and there just for my enjoyment. But one of my best friends, she encouraged me to start selling them. She’s like, “Your cakes taste really really good.” And I was like ‘you think so?’ and she was like “Yeah, I think you should start selling them.” So that’s when I decided to come up with a business plan and pretty much just went down my list making sure I had [a] business name, logo, all of those things I needed to actually run a successful business. And, that’s pretty much how Snackiecakez became ‘Snackiecakez.’” 

“The name itself, it’s funny how the name came about! Another one of my good friends, she used to always call me like “What are you doing?…You sound like you’re over there just eating on something,”. She always used to say ‘you over there snacking cakes and eating stuff”. So that’s where the name came from, from one of my good friends.” 

How funny! I love that. So, you were on Sugar Rush with your other friend, Keon. How was the audition process? Take us through that.

“Well, I applied for the show. [I] Didn’t think anything of it and then the producer called me and was like “Hey, I really want you to be on the show…I really would like it if you would choose another guy baker to come on the show with you because we normally don’t have a lot of guy-guy teams, we always have guy-girl or girl-girl” So then I reached out to Keon and I was like ‘Hey friend, would you like to be on this show with me?’ and he was like “Of course!” So, of course, we went through filling out the application for him and they ended up approving it and it was just months and months of waiting and waiting and waiting. And then they finally came back and said they chose us to be on the show.”

“So once that happened, it was crazy, it was like everything just started moving really really fast! Having to come up with a scheme of what we’re gonna do, what taste palate we want to stay in, and things like that. So it was a really, really fun and exciting experience to even just go through all of that. Definitely something that I look forward to doing again!”

Since the ingredients aren’t revealed until the show, how did you and Keon come up with palates you wanted to incorporate? 

“We didn’t know anything until we got there on the set, but we already had a list of certain items that may be on a special list. Like, oh you may have to work with these materials, so of course we started playing around with everything, and you know, you start mixing things and just working like that. So, of course, everything on the show we had to do right then and there on the spot so we didn’t know anything about it. The fact that everything came out amazing with the themes and everything, was a plus. That was awesome! From not knowing anything and you get down there and you end up doing the whole entire show- that’s awesome!”

You two managed to create some amazing creations in such a short amount of time! Tell us more about your experience on shoot day. I’m sure it was a whirlwind!

“It was amazing! At first, it was like unreal that we were standing there on the actual set or even being in the studio where they actually shoot the show. It was all just like an ‘awe’ moment,…we were nervous, anxious, and things of that nature but I feel like overall it was a great experience. Everyone was very helpful, they got us everything we needed, everyone there; it was magical, just a very magical experience. If that makes sense!”

Do you have any regrets from your experience? Any surprises?

“Regrets? No, we were thankful that we were able to even get on the show because thousands of people apply to be on the show every single day and just the fact that we were chosen, that was just a great accomplishment and a blessing all in its own.” 

“The only surprise we had was that one of our challenges- they changed something on us, like right in the middle of us doing it. Other than that, even though they changed it, we still did great! It was awesome. We adapted to the atmosphere very well.” 

Well that’s for sure! But, let’s dive deeper into Snackiecakez! What’s your signature dish?

“We’re known for the sweet potato pound cake! When I first started the business, it was around April 2018. When we started, we started making pound cakes. Pound cakes are what we pretty much started with, and of course making custom cakes, but we weren’t too deep into the baking world just yet…So that was, like, a learning experience in the beginning.”

“So, I was known for pound cakes and my pound cake that I sold so many of was the sweet potato pound cake. People were like, “I’ve never had a sweet potato pound cake. What does that taste like?” It tastes just like a sweet potato pie, but it’s in a pound cake form…it’s absolutely delicious! I won awards off of that pound cake when I first started.” 

“I normally offer that [sweet potato pound cake] around thanksgiving time because that’s more-so a fall dessert. [But] Strawberry shortcake is my number one selling cake at this moment! I normally sell about 150 of them a month.” 

Your strawberry shortcake looked amazing on the show! I know you’re based in Atlanta, but do you offer shipping as well? 

“I actually do offer shipping on my website. Of course not everything can be shipped, so if someone wants a whole cake I don’t recommend shipping a whole cake. I just want to make sure that the quality of it is gonna be up to par and not get to you and look like a whole disaster! So when it comes to cakes, instead of shipping [whole] cakes I just ship cake jars which are pretty much just the same cake that you want, it’s just in a jar form. So, that’s an option. I also ship cookies and brownies- I ship a lot of different things on the website except whole cakes. Pound cakes I do ship as well because those are easy to ship without being damaged.” 

Do you have a bakeshop we can visit too?

“Right now, we’re just order only. I’m looking into opening a storefront next year; I just don’t know exactly when next year. Hopefully early next year, but that’s something I’m working on. The orders are just going crazy! I’m very blessed and thankful, [but] I’m running out of space in the area I’m baking everything. So I need a whole building just to keep up with organization and all the orders that are coming in.” 

Thanks for sitting down with us, Zerrick! Snackiecakez offers custom cakes and a wide range of desserts, including vegan options. Check out their menu and order here. Be sure to watch Zerrick at work on the newest season of Sugar Rush only on Netflix!

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