Stephen Manas Will Be Co-Starring In The New Series, Ted Lasso.

French actor Stephen Manas will be co-starring in the new Apple + series, ‘Ted Lasso’ with Jason Sudeikis. Stephen also opens up about his journey in the entertainment industry and landing his first big role as a music composer for ‘Fast & Furious 8’. 

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Posted On: August 2nd , 2020 11:55 pm pst

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Stephen Manas is a Bilingual-French actor and music composer. He grew up in Megève, a small town in the French Alpes near Switzerland. His latest project is co- starring in the upcoming comedy series, Ted Lasso with Jason Sudeikis [Saturday Night Live] premiering Friday August 14th on Apple+. 

Credit:  Frederick Malahieude

The series follows US American Football coach Ted Lasso [Sudeikis] as he heads to the UK to manage a struggling London soccer team in the top flight of English football. Manas plays Richard Montlaur who is one of the soccer players on the team and is having a hard time understanding the thick American accent of his new coach. Ted Lasso is not only a comedy series but a heartfelt show that will teach us that you will overcome hard situations when you work together and have hope. 

Chelsie Overocker from AfterBuzz TV connected with Stephen through Zoom to discuss his upcoming role and how he has been doing in France. 

“Long day for me…it’s a little after 9pm here in France but the beginning of the day for you.” [laughs]

We are just starting our day off here in Orange County California, while Stephen will be ready to go to bed soon.   

We wanted to know how Covid-19 has been affecting France during this time and what he has been doing to keep himself busy.

“We have been restricted for a long time..I’ve been very careful now that the lockdown is off but you’re not allowed to leave the country. It’s good to reconnect with yourself and read a book.” 

That’s the best way to spend your days during Covid-19. This is the opportunity to not always have to be on the go and take time to rebuild yourself. Stephen has also enjoyed being closer with his family and taking care of them. But not only is he a caring family guy, he is also co-starring in the new Apple+ series, Ted Lasso, with Jason Sudeikis. 

Credit: Variety

Stephen felt grateful to work alongside Jason and mentions that he gave him good pointers with his acting when they were on set. 

“It really was outstanding. The first day he had so much energy. Saying hello to everyone looking them in the eyes. Had so much respect till the last day of the show.” Stephen states, “so much fun all the time even when getting your make-up done and reading your lines…I’m not a perfect actor and he would say, ‘Stephen you should try something like this’. Glad he was there for me and even more glad that he was there for the show.” 

That’s awesome that Jason not only cared for the cast and crew members but took time to help you. We’re excited to see Ted Lasso and watch you portray Richard Montlaur who is one of the soccer players on the team. Did you know how to play soccer before shooting? 

“I played club soccer for three years when I was young thank god [laughs]..but most of the players were from England and they were good at football (soccer) because that’s their sport.” Stephen admitted, “I was the least very good.” [laughs]

Stephen also grew up playing other sports including skiing which his mother taught. That was one of the many activities he did after school. 

“In my small town there is a lot of skiing and after school we go to our club competitions and I would play hand ball with my’s what we all did growing up.”  

Even though Stephen felt like he wasn’t the best soccer player compared to her cast mates he still loves to be active. He also shared what he loved most working on set while filming Ted Lasso

Credit:  Frederick Malahieude

“I was the only forgein on the set and I was shy and needed some time to connect with people..the entire cast and crew welcomed me. They were so warm…they all said hi and the make-up artist and producers were very welcoming.” Stephen admitted, “my English wasn’t perfect. There were a few guys on set who spoke French who were able to help me. After shooting they invited me to go out and get drinks in England and they showed around the beautiful city” 

That’s great to hear that everyone made you feel welcomed and you had a good time shooting. London is a beautiful city! What was your favorite place to visit? 

“I visited a lot of places in the city, but the rooftop pubs are what I loved the most and those types of pubs we don’t have in Paris. They don’t have a nice view to enjoy with drinks. London was very nice and I badly wanted to see the Harry Potter studio but next time.”

Yes! Next time you must visit the Harry Potter Studio and make a stop at Platform 9 ¾ at London King’s Cross railway station. Stephen is a Harry Potter fan and after watching the first film when he was younger that’s when he fell in love with cinema. 

“I love magic and dragons and mythical creation. When the first Harry Potter came out I was the exact same as the actor and grew up with him. It was my dream..and I fell in love with cinema and how it can put dreams in a child’s head.” 

That’s why we love the cinema too. It’s the perfect place to escape reality and fill your mind with dreams. When Stephen was older that’s when he discovered his passion for acting but he opened up that it’s difficult to become an actor in France because there isn’t much opportunity given. 

“I’m from Lyton, France. Being an actor isn’t something that is available for everyone or it’s not reachable for us. It came late for me.” Stephen shares, “I always loved movies.. but when I was 16 they were shooting this movie in my hometown and they were looking for some extras.They gave me a role and this is when I discovered what it’s like being on set.” Stephen explains, “I thought it  was cool and I loved it…everyone can try in this industry and you will have your own experiences…many good actors from France never done acting school.” 

After graduating college with a business degree, Stephen  started working a corporate job that he didn’t enjoy. Later on a talent agency from India discovered him and connected with him over the phone. 

“The agency saw me and I got a call.” Stephen explains, “I had to see if this was serious…they paid for my trip and I had to think about it for two days..I was getting a promotion with my corporate job but decided to pursue a career in acting.”

The hardest part about leaving France and going to India was leaving his mom. But Stephen shares he grew as a person while he was working in India and following his dreams.

“I’ve stayed there two years and it was an amazing life experience. They are so warm and so kind. The country is huge and a lot to see. Overall, it made me stronger.” 

When Stephen is not in front of the camera he is behind the scenes composing music. We were curious when Stephen started taking an interest in composing. 

Credit  Frederick Malahieude

“It all started a few years ago. I had a meeting with this production company in France. It was my first job in the industry and in the US. I was looking for a job and I didn’t have that much money. One week later they said it was a mistake and the contract had ended and I had no extra money.”

Composing is just like acting, sometimes you get booked  and then at the last minute it might not work out. Luckily Stephen was given another opportunity that changed his career.

“Two months after that, I met with the same producers and they saw that I was depressed. He found me a job with music but I had no idea how to compose, when I moved to New York..I already knew how to play the piano. I also  started playing in the orchestra when I was 15 years old.” 

Stephen learned how to compose from a computer while he was in New York and that’s when he started booking gigs. 

“After that, I got Fast & Furious 8 and I started to compose for some short movies. Acting is the main thing but when I have time I like to compose music as well.” 

That’s impressive that you learned how to compose from a computer and now you are able to turn that into a career along with your acting. Before we let Stephen go we wanted to know what he hopes people will take away from Ted Lasso after watching it. 

“Team spirit and being positive even when it’s impossible to achieve and keep believing. Nothing can be achieved alone and you need support from all people.”

We can’t wait to watch! Thank you Stephen for chatting with us about your new series and sharing your journey on how you are breaking into the entertainment industry. 

“So good talking with you Chelsie, we will keep in touch!” 

Yes, please keep us updated on any of your future projects. We are excited to see where your career will take you. 

Make sure you all watch Ted Lasso premiering August 14th on Apple + and follow Stephen on social media to keep up with his latest projects. 

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