Stassi’s Beau Clark Asked Lala’s Randall Emmett to be His Groomsman!

Stassi Schroeder’s fiancé Beau Clark asked Lala Kent’s Randall Emmett to be his groomsman on IGLive, the two open up on how the behind the scenes of the engagement went down! 

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Posted On: April 29th, 2020 7:29pm pst

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ABTV Vanderpump Rules Weekly

The Randall Emmet and Beau Clark bromance is alive and well in quarantine! Late at night after this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules aired on Bravo, a tipsy Beau joined Randall and Lala Kent to celebrate Bravo airing Stassi and Beau’s perfect engagement at Hollywood Forever cemetery. 

Although Lala and Randall’s April wedding has been postponed, Beau admitted that he is waiting until August of this year to determine whether he and Stassi should postpone their October wedding in Italy. Since many of the costs are non-refundable, he seemed to have a “show must go on” sort of mentality, but time will tell if that will be the case based on the safety of the situation come fall. 

One thing’s for sure, Randall will have a big part in the nuptials. While on Lala and Beau’s instagram live for about 1,000 fans, Beau officially asked Randall if he would be a groomsman in his wedding party. Randall proudly accepted, and the two men shared sentimental stories of how they originally bonded over a four-hour long conversation early on in their relationship. 

Randall even revealed that Beau told him of his engagement plans before he told anyone else. Turns out, Beau originally wanted to hire a set designer for the engagement. His original idea included a prop coffin that the ring could be hidden in. But Randall’s set design suggestions turned out to be too costly, so Hollywood Forever became the new backdrop. At the time, Randall had not yet agreed to be on Vanderpump Rules at all, so Beau wasn’t able to say that Randall was the first person he reached out to to help him plan. 

So, where was Stassi Schroeder while Beau celebrated their engagement with Randall, Lala and fans in the wee hours of the morning? Well, Beau confirmed that Stassi went to bed early because the two of them had to be up early to film a show, the details of which his drunk lips couldn’t even reveal! But I’m very excited to learn what both of them have in the works.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Randall and Beau confirmed that Jax Taylor is a groomsman in both of their respective weddings! Hopefully he’ll keep the wedding grounds nice and trim with that lawnmower of his. 

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