Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s Vanderpump Magical Engagement Day and Inappropriate Text From Kristen Doute’s Ex

Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s whirlwind engagement from Hollywood Cemetary to Villa Rose party at Lisa Vanderpumps and passive/aggressive text from Kristen Doute’s ex boyfriend Carter

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Posted On: April 29th, 2020 6:22pm pst

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The proposal the Vanderpump Rules fans have been waiting for is finally here! Last night on Season 8 of the hit Bravo show, Vanderpump Rules, we finally saw the long awaited proposal for the queen, the OG, Stassi Schroeder. Stassi’s finance Beau Clark popped the question to Stassi at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood Los Angeles. This may have happened back in late July last year, but we finally got to see it air on TV and the Vanderpump Rules fans and cast could not be happier for the couple! We saw it all play out in the episode and how hard it was forBeau to keep this secret from his longtime girlfriend. Beau had to keep this on the downlow for months as he was planning this proposal and it showed how much effort and preparation he put into it.

As far as Stassi knew, her and Beau were going to the cemetery for a casual day, (since the dark stuff is Stassi’s MO) and that is the exact opposite of what happened. Beau had his close friend put the ring in a little urn in the grass so that when he directed Stassi to sit on this bench, he could point out the random urn in the ground, to bend over and get on one knee to propose. Stassi was very surprised, as she couldn’t stop saying “shut the F– up, shut the F– up”. She also revealed later on in the Vanderpump Rules after show for Bravo TV, that if she knew, she probably would have worn a different outfit. We all know how into fashion Stassi is. So much that she even has her own “OOTD” holiday, which stands for “outfit of the day”, by the way. 

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The couple then celebrated at Lisa Vanderpump’s house “Villa Rosa” with all their friends and Stassi was surprised to see her family fly in from her hometown New Orleans. The day seemed to be perfect for the two, not even a passive aggressive text from Kristen Doute’s ex boyfriend Carter could ruin the day. Carter texted Beau just hours after the engagement “Don’t forget to thank Kristen for hooking you guys up. She made it happen and now you and Stassi treat her like sh**” Personally I see the text and I’m like, dude are you serious, like you’re that hateful, you couldn’t wait a few days to send that, but why even send it at all??? Either way Stassi, Beau and the rest of the cast felt the same way I did about Carter’s text and everyone chose to ignore it since it’s kind of irrelevant anyway. Carter and Kristen are broken up. I hate that I even have to put that part in there, because I am so happy for Stassi and Beau, but it was a huge part of the episode last night. So much that Lisa Vanderpump even had a plate set for Kristen at her house for the engagement party, but due to the fact that Stassi and Kristen just haven’t been able to get along, Kristens seat remained empty…… 

They should’ve invited me, I would have filled Kristens seat with a smile ;)

However, either way the couple is still happily engaged and they are set to get married in Rome, Italy this fall. Obviously with the current state of the world, the couple is in limbo about their wedding plans, so time will tell when the wedding will actually take place. But it is a “when” not an “if” so I can assure you based on recent interviews of Stassi and Beau, that they will get married at some point. I am happy for them and so is the rest of their Vanderpump Rules cast. 

What do you guys think? Are Stassi and Beau the perfect couple? Did Beau do a good job on the engagement? Should Kristen have been invited to the dinner at Lisa’s and do you think Carter has or will apologize for that text to Beau?

Comment down below what you guys think and I will see you guys with more Bravo news soon!

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