Stars From All Over React to Final Episodes of ESPN’s Last Dance

From Susan Kelechi Watson to Saints’ Michael Thomas stars from all over tweeted reactions to the final episodes of The Last Dance, Plus Lebron James Takes a Stand on GOAT Debate

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Posted On: May 19th, 12:00am pst

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ABTV Loves The Last Dance

After five Sunday nights watching arguably the greatest team of any sport in the 1990s, the final two episodes of ESPN’s The Last Dance aired. 

Over the course of ten episodes, 5.6 million viewers tuned in to ESPN to relive the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty. This docu-series now holds the record for viewers in ESPN history. 

And while these numbers were expected due to COVID-19’s prevention of live sports, it’s not completely hard to imagine that the series could’ve done the same numbers pre-quarantine. In fact, Darren Rovell tweeted on Sunday night “game 6 of the 1998 NBA finals will forever be the most watched basketball game of all time.” 

Naturally, it now can be re-watched and re-witnessed over and over again through The Last Dance. While over five million people tuned in to watch Jordan hit “the shot” against the Utah Jazz in 2020, 72 million people – roughly 26% of the American population at the time) watched at least a portion of the game in 1998. 

And while many are praising and thanking ESPN for the series, we also need to give credit where credit’s due and properly acknowledge Director Jason Hehir for bringing this beautiful documentary into our homes. 

NBC’s This Is Us star, Susan Kelechi Watson tuned in to the series and tweeted her praise. 

Jamal Crawford referred to The Last Dance as “iconic”. 

Los Angeles Lakers’ Lebron James called MJ his “superhero.”

Meanwhile, several other professional athletes acknowledged the greatness of Michael Jordan and everything viewers experienced. 

In fact, for Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chief’s wide receiver, Mecole Hardman, inspiration was achieved by watching the series. 

The one thing about this Sunday’s episodes that was synonymous with the previous eight episodes was the eruption of reaction by users on Twitter. 

One of the first eyebrow raisers that got viewer’s fingers typing was Michael Jordan referring to himself as “black jesus”. 

Some may not specifically call him by this nickname, but this entire docu-series sparked up the ever-lasting G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) debate – mostly between current NBA star Lebron James and Michael Jordan – although many would also throw Kobe Byrant into the mix.

Dallas Mavericks fans might consider Dirk Nowitski their G.O.A.T, but the former NBA all-star swayed in a different direction. He even gave the nod to Michael Jordan. 

Talent on FOX Sports’ Undisputed, Skip Bayless – known for his bold sports opinions – chimed in on the debate Sunday night. He was very definitive on his thoughts of Lebron James vs Michael Jordan. 

However, there’s two sides to every story and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans feels strongly about the opposing side. 

One of the biggest head scratchers of these two episodes was realized in episode nine with the discovery of Michael Jordan’s emphamis “food game” actually being a “pizza poison game.” 

For over a decade, fans believed Michael Jordan had the flu during game five of the 1997 NBA finals. However, the documentary revealed that a group of five people delivered a pizza to Jordan’s hotel and after eating the entire pizza by himself, Jordan fell ill hours later. 

Atlanta Hawks’ star Trae Young used this as a warning. 

Another consistency between the episodes has been the underlying stars that no one would expect. 

In what’s quickly become the meme-of-the-night, fans saw Michael Jordan jamming out on the bus prior to game six. What we learned is that MJ was listening to Kenny Lattimore. 

Who is Kenny Lattimore? Well, don’t be too hard on yourself because no one exactly knows. However, he chimed in on twitter Sunday night. 

Additionally, a Pacers fan was repeatedly seen shouting vulgarities at the players during the 1998 Eastern Conference finals and twitter became determined to discover who she was. 

Anthony Calhoun of WISH TV in Indiana did just that. 

Kathy Harrison admits that she and her husband have had season tickets to Pacers’ games for forty-four years. She also recalls times where her and Dennis Rodman would exchange words during games while MJ would shake his head and laugh. 

All in all, the documentary was something everyone should experience at some point but, I think the two most important questions to wrap were tweeted by Houston Texans’ JJ Watt and Portland Trail Blazers’ CJ McCollum. 

Watt brought up the solid point of 90’s fashion making a comeback in athletes this season. 

While, McCollum tweeted exactly what was on everyone’s mind Sunday night. 

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