Stargirl’s Neil Jackson on How Icicile Doesn’t Believe He Is A Villain

Absentia and Stagirl’s Neil Jackson on how Icicle doesn’t believe he is a villain, if Icicle wants Barbara, and he also praises his co-stars Meg DeLacy, Chris Baker and more

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Posted On: July 2nd , 2020 7:33 pm pst

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For many, playing a supervillain means a lot of fans tend to hate you, but the great thing about this show is that when you have actors like Neil Jackson and a script that shows the humanity that endears his actions, he will be forever iconic as Jordan Mahkent aka “Icicle” in CW’s Stargirl.

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Jackson was a guest on AfterBuzz TV’s Stargirl After Show on Tuesday – hosted by Tehran Von Gharsi, Jeff Williams and myself. Episode 7, “Shiv Part One,” we see more about Jordan’s aka Icicle’s relationship with his son and learn a little more about the reason why he does the things he does. Plus, Cindy becomes Shiv and Stargirl and Shiv have an epic fight scene.

Stargirl has been really great in their ability to humanize not just the “superhero” characters, but those dubbed “villains” as well. During the after show we took a few questions from our live chat, in response to even though he plays a villain, how does he still make us like him? Jackson replied,( “That’s Geoff. It’s all Geoff Johns. I mean Geoff Johns put this amazing backstory into the character. Like setting a character up in the opening episode being the death of his wife, because she ended up getting cancer at the hands of some evil conglomerate. You can kinda go anywhere with that one because everyones on board with that. He’s already been humanized.”

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A fan asked how he likes playing a villain and would he want to play a hero? Jackson replied instantly, (  “He is the hero I don’t know what you’re talking about. Icicle’s the hero of this. He has this overarching plan to make the world a better place. People just don’t understand.”

Jackson also praises Meg DeLacy (Shiv) for her performance in this episode ( “She cracks me up. It’s like what an amazing role to play because she gets to be an unadulterated bitch right? Any of the situations where you wanna push someone, shove someone, say the wrong thing she gets complete absolute permission to do it. I love that montage in the beginning where you see the team out of their suits, becoming the nerds and walking down the hallway. And suddenly their empoweredness smiles and feels great and of course she ‘bam!’ comes straight through and knocks them over, and she plays it beautifully, but in there as I was saying with Jake, there’s that fragility. I get Chae’ saying I wanna give her a slap, I kind of just want to give her a hug.”

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When asked how everyone on the cast interacts and gets along, as they are two generations that make up the cast of Stargirl, Jackson replied, ( “I mean everyone pretty much hungs it out where we could. I actually lived with Chris Baker who plays Brainwave. We shared an apartment together. I was off shooting a thing in London at the beginning of Stargirl, so I was hopping back and forth and he set the apartment up and I came back and he made all the IKEA furniture he said go and check out your bathroom. So I went in and he got me a tableau of Frozen as my shower curtain and I went into his one and he just had a big brain.”

In this episode, Jordan as Barbara knows he requests for her to join him on an out of town deal, and also is encouraged by his son to find love again. If any fans saw the way he looked at her this question isn’t too far off. Does Jordan want to have Barbara as his own? Jackson replied, “I think that the moment Christine, his wife died he shut off that part of his world off. He didn’t think about love or he didn’t think about romance. He was very single focused on obeying her last wishes and trying to make the world a better place for his son to inherit. And however he interprets that and also makes all the people pay that caused indirectly and directly her death and then along comes Barbara. I mean Amy Smart, she’s just this rae of sunshine and it catches him for a moment. He hasn’t had that tingle in a very very long time…but within there he’s very much about community and family and building family and community so I think the last thing he’d want to do is break up a family unit, but the heart wants what the heart wants.”

I can’t tell if that’s a major tease or not but either way I can’t wait to find out how Pat (Luke Wilson) will fight for his family! 

Find out who Jackson believes would win in a fight in real life – Brec who plays Courtney or Meg who plays Cindy… and do you believe Icicle wants Barbara as his own?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you’ll have to watch Stargirl! You can watch Mondays with a DC subscription, or Tuesdays on The CW. Also, tune into the Stargirl After Show on AfterBuzz TV every Tuesday at 7:10 pm.

Check out the FULL Stargirl after show and interview with Neil Jackon.

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