Stargirl’s Christopher James Baker On Becoming Brainwave

Agents of Shield and Stargirl’s Christopher James Baker talks becoming Brainwave, shooting the open house scene and “The Henrys’” complicated relationship.

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Posted On: May 28th, 2020 12:05 am pst

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ABTV loves Stargirl: Christopher James Baker

Christopher James Baker might be known for Agents of Shield, but he will forever be iconic for his portrayal as Henry King Sr. aka “Brainwave” in DC and CWs Stargirl

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Baker was a guest on AfterBuzz TV’s Stargirl After Show on Tuesday – hosted by Tehran Von Gharsi, Jeff Williams and myself. Episode 2, “S.T.R.I.P.E.”, was a big showdown between Brainwave, Stargirl (formerly Courtney) and S.T.R.I.P.E.

Bringing superheroes, or even supervillains, to life for movies or television is a journey, and sometimes it just takes putting on your costume for all the pieces that make you that character to come to life. 

“Just so fun. I just had an absolute ball doing this. Getting into that suit, I mean that is a three piece custom made fitted thing of beauty. Well once I was in that thing I was like bring it on. It was just really fun and I mean doing..I’ve done some other sort of big things with set pieces but not kind of big stunt intensive things like that and that battle at that end of the episode with S.T.R.I.P.E. and Stargirl…Courtney, was just a lot of wire work, and flipping, and cars flying across car parks. Some of that was practical. Lots of buses sliding across and you know doing three nights doing that sort of thing is just so fun. Hard work sometimes all night but to have moments of…I’m a supervillain. That’s cool.”

Episode 2 was a jam-packed episode and one scene in particular was done in only one take, though it might surprise you which scene. It was the scene in which Courtney and Pat are looking for Brainwave, and Brainwave is searching for Courtney during the open house. When asked about thoughts while doing this scene, Baker said, “The thing I love most about this scene, Greg Beeman directed this episode and I mean things like this you shouldn’t really notice when they’re done well but that whole sequence was done in one shot. After the Principal speech when it kind of then went into the cat and mouse as you called it I think. That was just one and I mean to pull off I think nearly five or six minutes of just following one character and then picking up someone else and they crossing. It really gave off that cat or mouse, hide or seek or something, and it kept coming back to Courtney.”

Credit: IMDb

Henry King Sr. is very tough on his son, which gives us an understanding of why Henry King Jr. is the way he is. “The Henrys’”, as Baker affectionately calls these characters, embody the terrible cycle of hurt people who then turn around and hurt other people. Yet, when asked how he feels about this parenting dynamic, Baker said, 

“I think that you’re right, both in seeing how the way we’re treated affects the way we treat people, I think that’s in there. I also think, and this is part of the job as an actor with a character like this. You can’t think of them as evil or mean. You get to a point where you justify what they’re doing is right and the mother is not there and this is what [Henry Sr.] thinks is best and he’s trying in his way to connect  or to make him better and sort of teaching the way he can.”

Baker continued, “I think that it doesn’t mean there’s no love there. It’s just coming out in different ways and different times. It’s complicated.”

One of the biggest questions fans have watching the show is if Starman is really Stargirl’s father? “That is a good question. Look, that is one of the things you’ll find out through the course of the season and I think in such a clever way, the way that Geoff Johns and the writers work thematically…it  just comes out all that way through. Like with Henry King and Jr., and Pat and Courtney and I mean I think thematically this overriding theme is fathers and who is the real father? The one that’s there for you or the one that’s meant to be or in your mind or how you met them? I think there is really interesting stuff going on with all those levels.”

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you’ll have to watch Stargirl! You can watch Mondays with a DC subscription, or Tuesdays on The CW. Also, tune into the Stargirl After Show on AfterBuzz TV every Tuesday at 7:10 pm.

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