Star of Disney Channel’s ZOMBIES Carla Jeffery Talks Zombies 3 Ideas

Star of Disney Channel’s ZOMBIES Carla Jeffery talks Zombies 3 Ideas, never giving up, and dream acting role.

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Posted On: April 27th, 2020 11:56 am pst

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ABTV Dish Upon A Star: Carla Jeffery

Another great AfterBuzz Chae Jones article. Zombies has become the High School Musical for an entire new generation. Zombies 2 topped the original premiere of Zombies, and took the #1 iTunes Soundtrack and in the Top 5 TV Chart Apple iTunes. The music should definitely be a part of your workout routine.

Carla Jeffery  joined Chae’ Jones for a Zoom interview on AfterBuzz TV’s Dish Upon A Star to talk about her journey through Disney Channel, Zombies and Zombies 2, never giving up in this industry and her dream acting role.

Before she was known as Addison’s best friends and fellow cheerleader Bree in Zombies, Carla Jeffery guest starred in Disney Channel shows Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up and Best Friends Whenever. Her twin brother Carlon Jeffery starred in Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm opposite China Anne McClain. Her love of Disney has always been with her. When asked what was it like working on so many different Disney Channel shows, Jeffery said, ( “My brother had actually had a TV show before me, and I was so jealous because I was the biggest Disney fanatic ever. That was all I would watch and I was like I’m going to get me a Disney show before you…he got A.N.T. Farm. I was so happy for him. He got to be Cameron, China McClain’s brother and so being on that set…I have to get here, I have to, like, work on this set. I had gotten Good Luck Charlie. I absolutely loved it because I had a friend Raven and she was on the show.”

Jeffery continued, “Then of course, Shake It Up, my absolute favorite. Working with Zendaya and Bella was so much fun. I didn’t think…it was supposed to be a guest spot but after I did that episode they actually called me up for two more episodes with my character Margie. I cried. I’m like yay, Disney!”

Zombies 2 ended in such a way that left an open ending. Like maybe there was more to the story coming soon. When asked what she wants to see happen in Zombies 3 Jeffery said, “Sometimes I wonder like is something going to happen where she turns into a Zombie or maybe a werewolf like Addison? I mean I would definitely want to be a Zombie because of Bonzo but what if something were to happen that I become a werewolf. Would I turn on him?”

The possibilities are endless on where Zombies will lead in the future. There are many roles and characters to be played that have yet to be explored by Jeffery in her blossoming career. When asked what her dream acting role is, Jeffery shared,  “I’ve always wanted to be in an action kind of movie. So maybe someone who is fierce and into action like I don’t wanna say got kidnapped maybe, but maybe I’m doing my thing bustin’ out, trying to get away. I would love to be an action type of person.”

Being an actor isn’t always easy. There are many times you’ll hear “no” before you’ll hear “yes”. It takes determination and perseverance. When asked what advice she’d give to young teens and young actors who want to be in the entertainment industry, Jeffery replied, “I know they hear it a lot all the time, but don’t give up. Don’t ever give up for any reason ever like I said. You know I had my things that wanted me not to even start but if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be where I am. So stay confident, you know, keep going, and just know that you can succeed. You will if you keep trying your goal…your dream will come true.”

Which is definitely sage advice. Working hard for your dreams no matter the odds will make them worth it when you achieve them. 

You can watch Jeffery in Zombies on Disney Plus app, Zombies 2 on the Disney NOW app and hear her in her first ever voiceover role in the new Marvel Spiderman series on Disney XD with Zombies 2 stars Meg Donneylly and Kylee Russell will portray the Symbiote Sisters: Scream, Scorn and Mania.  

You can follow Jeffery @carlajjeffery on Instagram and Twitter. If you’re a fan of Carla or Disney content, in general, share this article and keep tuning into AfterBuzzTV’s Dish Upon a Star series.  

To watch the full interview, click HERE.

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