Stan Lee Stopped Filming Every Night to Have Dinner With His Wife

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7/21/19 4:07PM

Stan Lee is a legend in comic books and movies, having had perhaps the biggest impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as anyone. However, there is one thing the late icon cared about more than filming: his wife.

One of the last projects Lee worked on before he passed in November of 2018 was Jason Mewes’ Madness in the Method, which is set to release in August.

“It was a honor,” said Mewes, about having Stan Lee play a role in the film. “Seriously, it was, it was awesome when he said he could come down and, and play.”

Mewes spoke with Popcorn Talk Network’s Steph Sabraw at the San Diego Comic-Con and shared the biggest obstacle he had to overcome with scheduling Lee.

“Stan’s guy was like, he’ll come in but he has to be home by 6[pm] because he eats dinner with his wife every night and he won’t miss it,” shared Mewes. “I thought that was so sweet.”

Stan Lee was married to his wife, Joan Boocook, for nearly 70 years before she passed in June of 2017. The two married in 1947. They met when Lee was set up on a blind date by with cousin with a different woman, but Boocook answered the door and they hit it off. Lee proposed two weeks later.

While Mewes thought it sweet, it wasn’t easy from a filming standpoint. To make it even more difficult, they had just switch to night shoots when Lee confirmed.

“I was just hoping. I called John [Santos] the producer and Rob [Mileto] and, and then Ace started making calls and it was really awesome because even the crew like all pulled together and came like, three, four hours early to work, just to help get him shot and out,” shared Mewes.

Madness in the Method premiered at Comic-Con, but you can see Lee in the movie when it’s released nationwide on August 2nd.