Stacy Haiduk, Paul Telfer, Linsey Godfrey, & Eric Martsolf On Dishin Days.

Days of Our Lives stars; Stacy Haiduk, Paul Telfer, Linsey Godfrey, & Eric Martsolf join Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin Days to discuss Stacy’s exit, the emotional scenes Linsey delivered, & Eric giving fans an update on quarantine life. 

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Posted On: May 21st, 2020 5:27 pm pst

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ABTV Loves Days of Our Lives Weekly

Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin Days continued to check in with Days stars to see what they have been up to during isolation. 

This week we had an emotional goodbye to Stacy Haiduk who portrayed Kristen DiMera for two years. Stacy has done a phenomenal job on Days of Our Lives and fans have enjoyed her character’s journey. 

Stacy joined Dishin Days with her hair in waves and wearing a beautiful red outfit. Quarantine looks good on her. 

Dishin Days wanted to surprise Stacy and bring in a special guest to reminisce about her time on the show.

“I love this!” Stacy states. 

Dishin Days hinted that’s its her partner in crime

She starts rubbing her hands together. 

“Which one?”

Paul Telfer [Xander Kiriakis] pops in showing viewers his living room and his artistic pictures hanging on the wall in the background. 

Stacy starts cheering as Paul greets everyone.

“Hey everyone how are you doing!?” 

“Hi!” Stacy says as she blows him a kiss.

“Look at everyone’s lovely homes,” Paul comments. 

 Dishin Days complimented his home and the fancy artwork that’s displayed behind him. 

“I can’t take credit, this is all Carmen’s doing. Anything that looks pretty in this house is because Carmen picked it out.” [laughs]

Last time Paul was on Dishin Days he was sitting in a chair and had a backdrop that looked like he was in a galaxy mimicking Back to the Future

“That’s the other room that is set up right now for self tape auditions.” 

Love it Paul! Even though we are in a pandemic, actors are still grinding and keeping busy.

Dishin Days wanted to know how it was working with Stacy before she left Salem. Just recently they had an intense scene together where Xander confessed to Kristen that he and Victor [John Aniston] switched her baby with Sarah Horton’s [Linsey Godfrey] little girl.  

“Yeah well speaking for me we were on set at the same time..Stacy and I have done so much together. So all of a sudden to have our storylines divert and we’re still a part of the big storyline but we aren’t getting scenes. We still rehearse together, we still run lines with each other..even if it’s stuff we’re not in. I’ll still help her with Brady scenes and vice versa.”   

Fans love how Stacy and Paul are good friends off screen. It’s great that they are still able to run lines together and help each other even if they aren’t in the scene together.

Paul continues. 

“I remember when we did come on at Afterbuzz and we were talking about how we stare each other out but you know, just personally, selfishly, Xander apologizing to everybody all the time sincerely, and he’d been through all this stuff…so to finally get in the room with somebody who he doesn’t have to apologize to. She’s been through all of this evil sh*t too and doesn’t have a leg to stand on. It was nice to be back on a level of parity with somebody where I can finally be all Xander and just let it rip.”  

Yes we do miss those episodes where Kristen and Xander didn’t hold anything back. Fans were happy that we got to have one last scene together before Stacy exited the show. 


Dishin Days wanted to know when Stacy’s character slapped Paul on screen if that was in the script. 

Stacy laughs as she shakes her head.

“No, there was not one slap in that script and I looked at Paul and I said, ‘Kristen is not going to stand six feet away and just take it. She’s gonna kick the sh*t out of you.’” [laughs]

We agree Stacy! That’s one of the reasons why we love Kristen. She knows how to stand her ground and doesn’t let anyone walk all over her (least of all, Xander). 

“I remember asking Paul and I was like, ‘look I don’t know when and where but are you okay with me hitting you?’’ Stacy shuggers her shoulder, “He’s like, ‘yeah’ [laughs] and he did something in that scene..he stuck his tongue out on me..I’ll never forget it . My slap was such a pansy a** slap the first time and he’s like ‘come on’ I was like fine, I’ll give you a few.” [laughs]

Paul adds. 

“We knew it was going to work in our benefit because we knew we were gonna let it rip…there are lingering glances we do at the end of our scenes…which is very unnatural.. most people don’t stare each other down at the end of their scene” [laughs]. 

Everyone loves their onscreen chemistry and that they feel comfortable staring each other down when rehearsing lines. Not many actors do that but that’s why Kristen and Xander have a special bond. 

Paul explains that at an end of a scene there is some time before they cut and there is space that has to be filled. 

“Stacy filled it with violence.” [laughs] 

“Hey, you were right there, baby.” Stacy chimes in 

Us fans enjoy those hand slaps Xander received from Kristen. 

When Paul and Stacy first met they clicked right away and always supported each other.


“I’m gonna compliment Stacy as much as possible.” Paul explains, “Stacy and I rehearse a lot so we get the best of both worlds where you have somebody who is totally alive in the moment plus she knows her lines. It’s great!”  

Stacy smiles as she chimes in. 

“With Paul and I, I think from the very beginning, we’ve always had that trust and that’s built in. This type of acting is different from nighttime or doing a film because you have time to rehearse. You have time to do everything. You have time to plan things out where as in the Soap world it’s all of this my mind it’s the character that you’re playing and the person opposite of you; as long as they’re right there with you. Paul and I from the very beginning supported each other, we care about the craft and we want to play.”

Stacy reveals what she does to help her memorize her pages of scripts. 

“Instead of just standing and talking, I’m physical so I use that to help me through the lines as well because sometimes learning the line over and over again doesn’t help me…It’s almost like a dance for me”

That’s actually a great tip for memoization. Thanks for sharing Stacy. 

Dishin Days wanted to discuss Kristen’s journey on the show and when it comes to being a mom how that changes Kristen’s actions. We all were nervous when she confronted Sarah at the train station who kidnapped her daughter. The scene between her and Linsey gave us goosebumps.

“She as a mother gets it..I remember that day very well.. Sometimes when you’re acting I know I did one of those scenes twice because I screwed up a line and I was emotional but then I found another place to go with it. I know Linsey, when we had a break she just looked at me and says ‘will you just hold me?’.” 

Both Linsey and Stacy did an amazing job handling an emotional scene where Linsey’s character says goodbye to Rachel and accepts that her baby is gone. Stacy walks us through that emotional journey as an actress. 


“Your body doesn’t know the difference of acting because when you’re going through any emotional, any frustration, any anger, any of that stuff as an actress. You’re still putting your body through that journey…sometimes you need that physical touch that everything is going to be okay.” 

Stacy adds. 

“That’s why I’m so physical as an actress because it does ground me a lot.”

Dishin Days said goodbye to Paul and wished him the best during quarantine.  

“Bye it was so great seeing all of your faces especially you Stacy.  You all look great..cheers!” 

As soon as Paul signed off, Stacy explained more in depth about her character’s journey and how she was nervous playing the role of Kristen, who was originally portrayed by Eileen Davidson.


“I was scared to death going into it because I know that Eileen, this was her thing..but again I was so excited to do it because an actress wants to work. When I was in that first month..everyday it was yes I have to prove myself as an actress. You have to prove yourself to the fans that you’re not just some actress who’s coming over and taking over somebody else’s role. I know what Eileen did, but it was my own personal journey.”

Days fans including us can agree that Stacy did an excellent job taking over the role of Kristen Dimeria and Susan Banks. We couldn’t think of a better recast. 


“Susan was hard at first and I think I told you, everyday I was freaking out in my room, crying every night, waking up in the morning, saying get your sh*t together Haiduk, you’ll do have no time to have any negative thoughts…I remember it really helped when all the actors, crew, and directors were just hands- on and supportive..I really felt that from day one.” 

Speaking of support from other actors who Stacy have worked close with on screen. Linsey Godfrey joined Dishin Days next.

Stacy claps her hands together. 

“I’m so excited!  This is the coolest thing!”

Linsey appears on screen looking fabulous in a pink robe that is giving us Sixteen Candles vibes. 


Linsey turns herself to the side in her chair, throws her legs up over the armrest to show off her stylish outfit. 

“You look gorgeous!” Stacy says. 

Of course it wouldn’t be a party without having the talented Eric Martsolf [Brady Black] join Dishin ‘Days wearing a stylish Caribbean shirt. 


“Hi, Stacy,” Eric says as he flips his camera vertically.

Stacy waves to the camera 

“Hi Eric, how are you?

“I’m in quarantine [laughs] I’m losing it. Is everyone else okay?”he asked. 

“I’m doing great, Martsolf.  Look!” Linsey chimes in as she throws her leg up. 

“Wait, I can’t see you..what are you wearing?” [laughs]

“A little casual number, Martsolf.” Linsey states.

Eric moves his face closer to the screen.

“I’ve never wanted you more. [laughs] I’m breaking out stuff that I haven’t worn in years…look at me! What am I wearing?”

“You look like you’re a tourist in Hawaii.” Stacy adds. 

Eric nods his head. 

“We all look like quarantine ended and we took that coupon we got from Groupon to go to Cancun for 29 bucks and put on our outfits.” 

That’s so true Eric, looking at flights right now we can fly to Hawaii for less than 200 dollars. You would fit right in at a luau. 

“It’s literally cheaper to go to Cancun than buying Jack Daniels.” Eric adds. 

Linsey chimes in. 

“Can we talk about cruises for a minute? Almost no cruises go well..I said I had to work on my sister’s 30th birthday so I didn’t have to go on a cruise ship.” [laughs]

We don’t blame you Linsey.  Being on a cruise can be hard and uncomfortable.  We’re sure your sister understands!

“One of my first professional jobs was a singer on a Hawaiian cruise ship.” Eric states, “I was a performer on American Hawaiian Cruise lines. I don’t think they exist anymore and I did it for nine months. I was on a boat and when I say a boat now, they’re floating cities. This thing was small. It was like the size of a tugboat.” [laughs]

Eric adds.

“I don’t need to cruise ever again in my lifetime.” 

“I grew up on boats my mom put on fishing tournaments for a living…I had my share.” Linsey states. 

Eric brings up a good point that you can be anywhere to have a good time. 

“We could have a good time anywhere, it’s just geography. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Hawaii or Peoria or Burbank California the party is where the people are at.” 

“Right people, though, you gotta remember that,” Stacy adds.

Eric nods his head.


Dishin Days wanted to discuss the big storyline that just unfolded between Kristen, Sarah, and Brady. We wanted to hear Linsey’s take on the emotional scenes she performed last week.


Linsey pauses for a moment before answering.

“Initially we didn’t know where it was gonna go. I knew there was a big twist so I started fishing and I guessed it, which I was very excited about.” 

There were many scenes in which Linsey had to break down crying. 

“It’s not little crying, it’s big crying, and then you’re a mom on top of it so you can relate to the fact of how devastating this thing would be and in the middle of filming those Rex and Sarah scenes, then I took a red eye to DC and spoke on a panel.”    

“I remember that,” Eric adds. 

Linsey nods her head as she continues.

“Then I took a red eye to go back to work. When we did those scenes in the station it was such a relief and also so hard for Stacy and I not to be in this with each other. I think a lot of that crying is wanting your friend to confront you who is standing right in front of you and you can’t hug each other. So when we finished those scenes..Stacy and I hugged..we sat there for about 10 minutes.” 

Stacy nods her head.

“It was so grounding and so beautiful I’ll never forget it. I loved it. I loved those moments so much.” 

We do too. We wish there was a way for Kristen and Sarah to co-parent Rachel.

“For a second I was like why can’t Kristen and Sarah both raise the child?” Stacy adds. 

Eric chimes in. 

“Why would you do that? I mean I’m such a good father to Tate you would think you want me in your baby’s life?” [laughs]

He adds.

“Wait you know who Tate is…I forgot.” [laughs] I have kids that are all over the United States now and I don’t know who they’re with and how they’re doing. I’m not the father of the year.” [laughs]

“Or you might be.” Stacy comments. 

Who knows Days might bring back Kristen. We are still waiting to see her and Brady reunite as a family again. 

Dishin Days asked Eric if he thinks Brady made the right decision letting Kristen run off with their daughter.

“I think in the past couple of weeks, Stacy has thrown a new layer of icing on the Kristen cake which is, I’ve always wanted to be a mom, I’ve always wanted a child, and at the end of the day Brady knew that for years.. and had to make this decision. To let the love of his life and his daughter go.” 


Linsey comments that her, Paul, Stacy, and Brady’s characters have a great dynamic. Whenever they get the opportunity to all four work together. They can create some good scenes. 

“The four of us including Paul had such a good dynamic and it was such an interesting switcheroo. Like I’m the good one he’s the bad one. Then Brady’s the good one and she’s the bad one and Sarah and Brady have always been very tight. It’s such an interesting group, so whenever they do let us tell stories it’s so much fun!”

We couldn’t agree more! Us fans have learned that no one is really gone in Salem. There is still hope that Kristen will return back on the canvas. We’re hoping her journey hasn’t ended yet.

Dishin Days said goodbye to everyone before ending the show. 

“We love you Stace.” Eric adds before signing off.  

Thank you Stacy Haiduk, Paul Telfer, Linsey Godfrey, and Eric Martsolf for checking in with us on Afterbuzz TV’s Dishin Days. Fans make sure you are keeping up with new episodes of Days of Our Lives on NBC. 

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