SPOTTED! Celeb Sightings at LA Black Lives Matter Protest

Diplo, Ron Kurokawa, Marlon Waynes, Tank, Machine Gun Kelly and more celebs show solidarity and protest for Black Lives Matter

Sana Moore

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Posted On: June 11th, 2020 10:41pm pst

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There is no better feeling than being amongst the people and having a common goal, fighting for what is right. When protesting, it’s a good feeling to witness Blacks and non-Blacks fighting for justice for the Black community. Our team of AfterbuzzTV reporters decided to fight for justice and hit the Hollywood streets to show support and solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement protests of 2020.

Though the streets of Hollywood were shut down, it did not stop our own Sana Moore, Eboné Chatman, and James Maple from getting our AfterbuzzTV audience all the information from within the protest itself. The now infamous video that has been circulated around the internet by artist Ron Kurokawa aka Yakooza, is everywhere. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a tweet from our James Maple. This sums up what 50k people protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement looks like.

While amongst the crowd, our clever hosts spotted some of your favorite celebrities who came out to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are some celebrities you may not have known were protesting, spotted by our own AfterbuzzTV reporters during this history in the making protest. 

Our reporter, James Maple, spotted two of our favorite funny men that have kept smiles on our faces during these trying times. While marching on Hollywood Blvd, James was walking behind the always inspiring Rickey Thompson. Known for his hilarious yet inspiring videos, we recommend you take a look at this example of how we all need more of him in our daily lives.

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James was walking directly behind him. Perhaps it was Rickey’s now-famous hairstyle or his always amazing wardrobe? Whatever it was, James is sure he saw funny man Rickey Thompson. Take a look at his footage below. 

James also spotted COMEDY GOD Marlon Wayans. Known for his roles on The Wayans Bros., White Chicks and the Scary Movie series, it was a bit harder to spot him. However, James is certain he got a single photo of him. Check it out below. 

Los Angeles is full of celebrities who are not shy in showing their support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Ebone Chatman was also there to help spot a celebrity or two. Guess who was helping pass out snacks to protesters in the hot sun… No other than Machine Gun Kelly!

He has been very vocal on social about his support of BLM to the point where he says, “If you don’t have love in your heart he doesn’t want your support.”

Matt McGorry who plays Asher on How to Get Away with Murder was also there to show support of the movement. He is another celebrity who has been very vocal on social media, demanding justice for the 3 recent victims, but also for the entire Black community..

Here is a video of Matt getting arrested in 2018 at a protest for disorderly conduct. He’s not new to this, he’s true to the cause. 

When he’s not recording love songs in the studio, legendary R&B singer, Tank, is shouting chants for justice with other fellow BLM supporters. Our reporter, Sana Moore, saw him walking to the right of her with his mask and a black hat, he was walking with the protesters. 

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Yesterday was a thing of beauty..🖤✊🏾

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Diplo made sure to support and be an ally to the BLM movement. He was spotted marching amongst the peaceful protesters and holding his ‘Respect Black Lives Like You Repsect Black Culture’ cardboard sign. 

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La showed up yesterday.

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As you can see, even with a crowd of 50k+ protestors, our amazing reporters were still able to spot some of your favorite celebs protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement. Though this is not the only form of protest, it is nice to see solidarity amongst the community for black lives.

We want to thank all the celebrities and non celebrities who attended this protest, regardless if they posted about it or not. It’s going to take the full power of us, as a community, to see the change we all march for every day. We are just getting started. No justice, no peace!

Did you attend this protest as well? Did you spot any celebs there? How have you been protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement? Let us all know at @JamesMapleActor, @IAM_SANA_ & @EboneChatman12. If you like this article, please share it with a friend. For the latest and most honest coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement, stay tuned to AfterbuzzTV.

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