Spotlight On interview with Kevin Spirtas & Michael Slade

Tami Goveia and Mike Mattes sit down with Kevin Spirtas & Michael Slade

Kevin Spirtas:

Spirtas is perhaps best known for his roles as Dr. Craig Wesley on the soap opera Days of Our LivesJonas Chamberlain on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, and as Nick in the slasher film Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988). Spirtas has worked on Broadway, with roles including Hugh Jackman’s understudy in The Boy from Oz, and has also worked as a stunt performer. He began using the name “Kevin Spirtas” professionally in 1995, having been previously credited as “Kevin Blair”.

In 2015, Spirtas portrayed Dominic Delacort on the soap opera web series Winterthorne. In 2016, he was nominated for an Indie Series Award for Best Guest Actor in a Drama, and a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Digital Daytime Drama Series for the role.

Michael Slade:

Writing as a team with a handful of other authors, Clarke has published a series of police procedurals about the fictional Special External Section (Special X) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. His novels describe Special X protagonists as they track down fugitives, typically deranged murderers. Four other authors have contributed under the name Michael Slade: John Banks, Jay Clarke, Rebecca Clarke, and Richard Covell. Despite the collaborative nature of the books, Jay Clarke is the predominant voice in their writing[citation needed]. Currently, Jay and his daughter Rebecca write under the Slade name.

Slade’s novel Ghoul is on the Horror Writers Association‘s recommended reading list.[3] His work is published by Penguin.

Fans of the series are referred[citation needed] to as Sladists, a play on the word sadist.