Southern Charm New Orleans’ Tamica Lee Spills Tea on Kelsey Nichols

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EXCLUSIVE – Southern Charm New Orleans’ Tamica Lee is passing blame for a huge fight on the show.

Lee had a major run-in with Kelsey Nichols on a recent episode. Nichols and Justin Reese were having a housewarming party when it appeared Lee was kicked out.

Lee is now spilling all the tea, saying we didn’t see the full picture, on a recent interview with AfterBuzz TV.

“The camera wasn’t showing how much she was drinking,” said Lee. “I drink too much. I am that person that does it, too. But she was, when, when, I think when cameras were up, she was drinking a lot and trying to ki–, kind of mold and fit in cause it was uncomfortable for her on some level.”

The show is no stranger to drama, but this battle definitely had the cast pitted against each other.

Lee insists she didn’t get a fair shake on camera.

“Lot of the looks of like, and like eye rolls was like, ‘where is this coming from? And, why, what, what is this?’ And it was more of my reactions that were caught cause I’m so over the top, and no one saw what was really happening and so I come across like a mean girl,” shared Lee.

Sill, Lee says she still wants what’s best for Nichols.

“I advocate for Kelsey. I’m a girls girl and I’m really push for her. I don’t want her to settle.” said Lee. “I want her to own what she is and what she wants, and I feel like she’s saying one thing and doing another and acting another way.”

You can catch much more in the full show, at the link above. Check out the AfterBuzz TV Southern Charm New Orleans aftershow every Sunday night.

Michael Clouse

Michael Clouse


Michael Clouse is a writer and Producer at AfterBuzz TV.

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