Southern Charm New Orleans’ Justin and Kelsey Broke Up, But Working on Relationship

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8/13/19 7:29am

The relationship between Justin Reese and Kelsey Nichols has been one of the main storylines of Southern Charm New Orleans this season, and now we have an answer to the many questions we were left with.

Reese and Nichols moved into a house together on this season of the show and many thought it wouldn’t be long before there was an engagement, and then a marriage. However, things haven’t materialized that quickly, leaving many to wonder what has been going on behind the scenes.

Reese guested on AfterBuzz TV’s Southern Charm New Orleans aftershow and opened up about the stunning truth behind his and Nichols’ relationship.

“Earlier in the summer Kelsey and I actually, we broke up,” revealed Reese.

Again, with the two living together, this comes as quite a surprise. However, Reese was quick to assure fans that things weren’t over.

“More recently we, we’re, we’re still trying to work things out,” said Reese, before sharing what he believes was the initial cause of the split. “We allowed a lot of outside pressure, a lot of outside people just kinda have too much influence in our relationship, and it started to affect us, and so we kinda just like, you know what, let’s get back to basics, let’s just get back to focusing on us, and what made us both so happy.”

Not everything is perfect between the two still, but they’re moving in the right direction. And they’re still committed to each other.

“We still live together, and so, you know, I love her dearly, and we’re, we’re still trying, we’re still trying figure this out,” said Reese.

AfterBuzz hosts asked Reese about counseling or therapy, to which Reese said they’ve talked about. Above all, they’re trying to move forward and find common ground.

“At first you know, we wanted to kinda of sit down and just have some open dialogue with each other, cause I think that was one of the things that we were struggling with is just actually, you know what, let’s just put our guards down, let’s try and put the, the strong emotions and the, and the feelings down, and let’s just have an open and honest conversation with each other and then as we’ve been doing that it has opened up into, you know, different channels and saying, like hey, do we want to sit down and talk, and that, that’s just something we’re talking about now,” said Reese.

We can definitely tell the love is still there, and Reese still cares about Nichols.

“She’s an angel,” shared Reese.

While the future between the two is still unclear, we now have some clarify on the present, and things we’re seeing during this season are starting to make a lot more sense.