Six Top Actresses Get Real About Everything From Racism to Typecasting to Me Too

The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actress Roundtable hosts Morning Show’s Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston alongside Homecoming’s Janelle Monáe, plus Rose Byrne, Zendaya and Helena Bonham Carter as they break down the problems in the entertainment world and society today

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Posted On: June 29th, 2020 10:43 pm pst

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We love Reese Witherspoon. We love Zendaya. We love Janelle Monáe. Could you imagine sitting down with all those women and even more?! 

Well The Hollywood Reporter did just that, and broke down everything that goes into being an ally, how to break stereotypes, and more. 

Originally set to premiere in 2 weeks, the “Drama Actress Roundtable” aired in light of protests for Black lives and equality after the death of George Floyd. 

The roundtable discusses the importance of each of the talented actresses’ massive platforms, and the importance of using them in these times especially. 

Janelle Monáe discussed how while the rest of the world gets to take this time to reflect, her people do not. Monáe says, 

“This is an interesting time and an important time for all of us to check our perspective. For me and my people, for the Black community, this is not an exciting time. This isn’t a time that we get to really reflect. We’re dealing with a lot of trauma… and now we’re having to deal with the very color of our skin making us a target.”

Zendaya talked about the pressure she put on herself, so when Euphoria came along, she was extremely humble. Saying,

“…I’m my biggest critic, so some of it was internal — not wanting to make a mistake or worrying that maybe I didn’t have the room to make a mistake… But I also wanted to prove myself. When Euphoria came along, I was very grateful because all those fears melted away and I felt like it was something that I had to be a part of.”

Helena Bonham Carter, unfortunately, couldn’t tell Zendaya that that fear doesn’t go away. Carter especially felt doubt in herself when working on The Crown. Carter said,

“It doesn’t. Or maybe other people are fancy free and they’re like, “Fuck it, I got it down…” But the other thing was I have to see a script and have to respond to the words. People were shocked that I wouldn’t just take it. I think… Morgan thought I was insulting them, and I wasn’t. I just needed to know whether I could do it… That was why I took so long — it wasn’t a lack of faith in them, it was faith in myself.”

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon broke down how The Morning Show really delved into the grey area of the Me Too movement. Anniston says,

“Many of these projects are relevant in ways you wish they weren’t. The Morning Show delves into the gray areas of the #MeToo movement.” 

Reese and Jen were asked, as hands-on producers, what kinds of conversations did you have about exploring the complexity of the emotions and the responses to sexual misconduct?

“For us, it was to really pull the curtain back on how dark and messy and unforgiving the world was and is. And also to say all of the things that are said behind closed doors that no one has the guts to say out loud.”

Witherspoon continued the conversation saying,

“… from the top to the very bottom exactly how people are treated and who is listened to and believed and who’s not, and who’s important in an organization and who’s not. And media is its own mixed bag. It’s a bizarre world that we live in where we don’t even know where to get the truth anymore..”

Rose Bryne was singing to the choir when they started discussing breaking away from labels and stereotypes casting directors and the industry put on each of these women. Bryne talked about how the change in genre really helped. Saying,

“I found a lot more freedom once I started doing comedy, because I had been doing serious things. But then once you start doing more comedy, people don’t think you can do serious. It’s this ongoing reinvention and people have preconceived ideas about you and you’re always trying to shake that up.”

All six of these women are incredible actresses and people. They incorporate a diverse conversation to really call out the issues and struggles women in the industry face. How these incredible leading ladies will shake up the machine next is anyone’s guess, but we will be the first to let you know.

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