Sister DayDay Dishes on WEtv Love After Lockup’s Michael Simmons and his Relationships with Megan J, Sarah Simmons, and Madame Mariah Figuera

Written by: Breanna Chianne – April 15th, 2020 6:52 pst

While it might’ve seemed like rainbows and butterflies for Michael Simmons and Maria Figuera’s happily ever after, his sister Dayday doesn’t share the same rose-colored glasses. 

The Love After Lockup star’s sister used her Youtube channel to sound off about her true feelings regarding her brother’s choice in women. The 13-minute video began with an explanation of why Dayday never cared for any of the women in his life. Turns out, it’s not about her being a protective sibling, but more about not liking people who serve as “yes men” to the ex-convict. 

Michael has been considered manipulative from the moment viewers found out about his tawdry simultaneous relationship with Megan J. and Sarah Simmons. However, the gift of gab and being able to get people to do anything he wants is a blessing the playboy has had all his life. The teen went on to explain that having such enablers around him is what pushed him to be taken from his family for so many years. Animosity grew for Dayday after the passing of her grandmother and aunt while her only sibling was locked up. 

Okay! We know this is the juice you really came here for. Dayday broke down her first impressions of Madame Mariah, which were positive. Enough to the point where she thought the cougar was “the one” to get Michael’s head on straight. But as time went on, in Dayday’s words, “Come to find, she ain’t!”

“She feeds him things he needs. Or puts him in situations that no man should ever be put in knowing he’s already been to jail for this amount of years.”

So if Michael thinks Mariah is his soulmate, he very well may be right! Because apparently, “he’s met his match” given his own shady player past. And don’t let her younger age fool you. Dayday is not one to allow any of Mariah’s craziness effect her nieces, Avianha and Rayne. Especially when it comes to immature social media antics. Check out the whole lowdown in the video below!

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