Sistas Star Spills Secret About Danni’s Future Show Romance

Written by: Howard The 3rd – December 22nd, 2019 2:45pm PT

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Actor Devale Ellis dropped the bomb when he told us what we could expect from Mignon Von’s character. I think he might be in trouble with show creator Tyler Perry after that. Maybe it’s the football player in him that makes him want to tackle things straight on. 

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Ellis, who plays Zac on BET’s Sistas, and Mignon Von, who plays Danni, stopped by AfterBuzz TV for an interview on the Sistas After Show on Wednesday.  Mignon has been to the studio before but this was Devale’s first time. While having the interview Devale told us a few things about himself and how he got into acting and how he was an NFL player as well. 

He also spilled some tea when he mention that Mignon’s character Danni was going to have a love interest that no one knows about. 

“I don’t know if y’all know how Tyler Perry shoots, but we shot about 120 pages a day, which is not easy. It’s a lot of scenes and she would have scenes with all of the girls, then she would have scenes with me,” said Ellis, before adding, “and then she had scenes with another love interest that you’ll see later on but she had a bunch of scenes.”

It was in that moment Mignon made a funny face and could not believe what happened. 

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If you have not seen the tv show, Danni seems like a person who would not be open to love. She always plays the best friend first and never the lover. Her heart is always guarded but deep down inside she seems like she wants what her best friends have which is male attention and/or a boyfriend.

We’re happy Devale let the cat out of the bag so that we know Danni will find love.

It’s also great to know that these actors come from great backgrounds, like Ellis, who was a professional football player.

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