Shows Rebooted From The 2000s & How They Fit The Modern Day World

Recently there has been an upswing in shows from the 2000s coming back, but being modernized to fit the modern-day world. We have a list of everything you have to look forward to!

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Posted On: June 30th, 2021 6:22 pm pst

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Oh, how the time flies. It seems like yesterday we were all solving the pineapple mystery with Ted and trying to figure out who gossip girl was. Now you can feel even more nostalgic as numerous 2000s shows are coming back to the screens in 2021 with a modern spin on them with technology and diversity being front and center!

Here is a list of some of the shows you can look forward to!

Gossip Girl

In the Gossip Girl update, a new generation of Manhattan’s elite faces the modern-day Gossip Girl – with technological revolutions and social media prevalence one can only imagine the power Gossip Girl can hold in 2021. The update looks to emphasize how rapidly and drastically society and social media are changing nowadays. Even though the new characters are loosely based on the original cast, creators of the show have been loud and proud of the fact that the new cast is much more diverse and queer than the original one, which is the most valuable adaptation to the modern-day world. Besides showing the extravagant and wild part of NYC life, the new storyline will also directly address topics of privilege, race, and sexuality. With many updates to the story, the audience will still get to hear the all-too-familiar “XOXO Gossip Girl” in Kristen Bell’s voice coming from their screens again. The reboot starts Thursday, July 8th and will be streaming on HBO Max.


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Carly Shay was the pioneer of social media influencers as she successfully managed a famous web show back in the 2000s. In 2021, Carly is all grown up, has graduated college, and is ready to take on adult-ish life. Her brother Spenser, who has become wealthy through accidental art fame, and Freddie, twice divorced and forced to move back in with his mother after a tech startup fail, join Carly in rebooting her web show. Carly has a new best friend and roommate called Harper (Laci Mosley) bringing a diverse and queer character to the show. The gang is ditching outdated video cameras for high-tech smartphones to bring their beloved web show back to life, but this time around aimed at more mature viewers. The iconic theme song from the original series has made its way to the reboot and will make you feel nostalgic in the best way possible. The first four of 13 episodes are already available on Paramount + with new episodes being released every Thursday, so don’t forget to set a reminder.

Good Trouble

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Since the first season of the original show aired in 2013, The Fosters had one of the most diverse storylines out of the 2000s shows. The spin-off, titled Good Trouble, follows Callie and Mariana navigating through Los Angeles in their early 20s. The young females are trying to establish themselves in male-driven industries such as law and IT while also living in communal housing sharing their kitchen and bathroom with about a dozen diverse young adults. Good Trouble never shies away from addressing political issues the modern-day world is facing today – from sexism in the workplace to racial injustice – the show captures young adults unapologetically fighting for justice capturing moments like one of the roommates (Zuri Adele) getting arrested during the Black Lives Matter protests. The show, however, still shows the fun and glamorous part of being a twenty-something. The girls live with a motto of “Work Hard, Play Hard” and know how to have a good time. Good Trouble portrays the brutal yet beautiful reality of adulting – being on your own for the first time in a big city and creators of the show are doing an outstanding job of showing that we all make mistakes but you have to make the most out of every situation we are in – a lesson we all can benefit from. Good Trouble aired its first season in 2019 but had to put production on pause due to Covid-19, and finally, Season 3 is officially returning to Freeform on Wednesday, July 14th.

How I Met Your Father

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The How I Met Your Mother spin-off will keep the beloved narrative voice-overs and flashbacks, but this time will follow Sophie (Hilary Duff) telling her son the story of how she met his father. Duff will not only star in the long-awaited spin-off but also produce it. The story begins in 2021 as Sophie and her friends navigate a new-fashioned New York City while trying to figure out who they are and what they want in life. Sounds very familiar, I know, except the reboot will provide a female perspective on finding love in the age of online dating in modernized New York. It is not the first attempt to revive the show, but it is finally happening in 2021 and it is going to be legen……..wait for it……..dary! Hulu announced the spin-off in April 2021 but there has not been much news about the official release date. Viewers should expect the show on their screens before the end of 2021.

And Just Like That…

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And Just Like That… they are back with a 10-episode revival. The famous series and two featured films have faced criticism in the past for their lack of diversity and prominent storylines featuring non-white and LGBTQ+ characters, which is why it is perfect timing to update the beloved story to the new-fashioned world. The series will show characters, now in their 50s, living a significantly different life in modern-day New York City. In making the revival, diversity and inclusion are forefronts for the cast and crew and they want to reflect modern-day diversified New York in all its beauty. Even though not much is revealed about the show yet, additions to the cast have been made introducing non-white and queer characters. Production on the series will begin in New York City in the spring of 2021 and later on HBO Max.

For the past two decades the world has been changing and evolving very rapidly. With Gossip Girl becoming an encompassing platform and Carly rebooting her web series, the creators of the shows emphasize the huge role social media plays in our everyday lives in 2021. How I Met Your Father, similarly, will provide us a fresh female perspective on finding love in the age of social media and dating apps. Good Trouble represents a modern generation of young adults that are not scared to fight for justice whenever it comes to racial discrimination and sexism, and Sex and The City creators have listened to the criticisms and are ready to show the beloved characters finally living in a diversified and modernized world.

In the 2000s all of our beloved shows aired on cable TV weekly, but to adapt to the modern world, all the reboots and spin-offs will be presented on streaming networks such as HBO Max, Freeform, Paramount +, and Hulu which will give the viewers the opportunity to watch the new shows from the comfort of wherever they are and whenever they want.

Which show are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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