Shay Rudolph From The Baby-Sitters Club Dishes About Her New Role!

Shay Rudolph shares all the details from her time on set with the fellow Baby-Sitters Club cast & was starstruck to work with Alicia Silverstone & Marc Evan Jackson. She even got to keep some of her character’s amazing clothes

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Posted On: July 14th, 2020 4:56 pm pst

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In need of a babysitter? You might not be able to call Shay Rudolph because she’s all booked and busy as being one of the hardest working young actors in Hollywood. 

However, if you need to book a talented actress who’s worked on incredible shows like Lethal Weapon and Netflix’s newest family-friendly girl-power series The Baby-Sitters Club, Shay is definitely your girl.

Shay got her start in acting at a young age performing in musicals and plays throughout school and she instantly fell in love with performing. When she got an agent, she booked exciting roles like Lethal Weapon and Less Than Zero. From there her career really took off.

These days, she’s thrilled to share all the club secrets about Netflix’s adorably sweet new series The Baby-Sitters Club and dished all about her character Stacey!

As we discussed her fun new role, Rudolph talked about her favorite parts of the show, what she likes about her character Stacey, and how much Rudolph relates to her character in real life.

“Stacey is a super-chic, fashionable, smart and savvy girl formerly from NYC. She’s the club treasurer. She loves boys and fashion, but really cares about her friendships with The Baby-Sitters Club girls…if I do say so myself, I think I’m pretty fashionable. She cares so much about her friends and I care about my loved ones so much too.”

Shay mentioned that she loved working on this exciting project and what stood out to her the most was Stacey’s fun fashion moments!

“Being able to wear such amazing clothes every single day, that was so incredibly fun. I even got to take home some of the awesome pieces like jackets and glasses!”

Speaking of fun moments, Shay even touched on an incredibly fun and sweet moment that she shared with her Baby-Sitters Club sisters, when they all found out that they landed their roles.

“We were all at the chemistry-read together. They told us while we were all in the room. We were just jumping up and down and were so excited. I actually even cried from happiness.”

Rudolph was also incredibly happy and starstruck when she saw Hollywood legend Alicia Silverstone on set. Shay shared how it was so awesome to watch Alicia and other seasoned actors like Marc Evan Jackson work their magic on set.

“I grew up watching Clueless. When I saw her on set, I was fangirling. She’s so kind and a really great actress.”

We are positive that fans are going to be just as starstruck when they see Shay’s incredible performance on The Baby-Sitters Club which is now available for streaming on Netflix.

If you’ve already binged the entire series and need more Shay content, head over to her Instagram @shayrudolph to see all the exciting things the young star is up to!

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