Shang-Chi Creator Reveals One Thing He DOESN’T Want In New Movie

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7/18/19 5:49PM

EXCLUSIVE – Fans are getting excited over the confirmation of a Shang-Chi movie coming to the big screen, and while we don’t know what the movie will show, the comic’s creator is revealing what he hopes it won’t.

A Shang-Chi movie was recently confirmed by Marvel head Kevin Fiege. Shang-Chi, who is Chinese, will be the first asian superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get a solo movie.

Shang-Chi co-creator Jim Starlin talked with Popcorn Talk Network’s Xia Anderson at the San Diego Comic-Con about the new film and what he wants to see.

“Easier to say what I would not like to see out of Shang-Chi and that’s Fu Manchu, which I, I, I’m hoping and I’m pretty sure they’re gonna cut him out of the whole thing,” said Starlin.

Fu Manchu is a fictional supervillain in the Marvel Universe, and is the father of Shang-Chi.

“I had never read a Fu Manchu book before we did Shang-Chi and uh, I think it was Stan [Lee] or Roy [Thomas], they bought the rights to it from the Rohmer family and uh, only after I got done with the first did uh, Larry Hamma, a friend of mine, said, ‘have you ever read one of these books?’ And he gave me one the next day, and I was going, ehhh, jeez, it’s kinda embarrassing.”

Safe to say Starlin isn’t a fan of Fu Manchu. Only time will tell if he makes an appearance in the Shang-Chi film, which is set to hit theaters in 2022.