‘Shahs’ Ali Ashouri Says Destiney Needs to Take Accountability for Reza Drama

Ali of Shahs of Sunset says all are at fault in clash between MJ and Reza, even Destiny

Ashley Fultz

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Posted On: May 6th, 2020 7:26pm pst

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Ali Ashouri, who is shown as a “friend” on Bravo’s hit show ‘Shahs of Sunset’ came to dish on season 8 of the show AfterBuzz TV. Ashouri was at the center of the major drama between stars Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid all of season 13.

All season long viewers saw the drama unfold with fan-favorites Reza and MJ and were waiting to see who was at fault. According to Ali, a lot of people were, and says Destiney needs to take accountability for her role on all of it. He also says he and MJ discussed it all before it went down.

“There’s other people that need to take accountability for the situation that happened. I, I mean I, take responsibility for the way it happened. I mean I didn’t want to reveal the information the way it did happen, but you know, I was talking to my friends, Destiney and MJ, they both knew what was going on, what I was going to bring up.” 

Ashouri says he planned on bringing it up to Reza with Destiney and MJ, but that’s not how it went down. “…it just kind of happened that I told Destiney at lunch, where she already knew, she could have stopped me if she didn’t want this information to be brought up, but she just went with it, so…, that’s why I think Destiney needs to take accountability for her actions because she definitely knew what was coming and she knew that I was going to talk about it. She wanted to be part of this too because she wanted to talk about it because her and I were really close.” 8:16

Ashouri says after the dramatic scene where Reza threw water on him, Destiney told him she had his back, but of course as the drama unfolded on screen we saw the opposite from Destiney, who tried to distance herself as far away from the drama as possible and did not take accountability for being involved.

Ashouri says he feels like he was duped by Destiney. He says he was such a good friend to her and he “couldn’t believe” the way things went down. “We would talk on the phone everyday with her – MJ and I. We were really close.”

While Ashouri was hesitant to throw MJ under the bus about being involved in pushing him to confront Reza about Adam, he said he is holding some back until the Reunion.

“MJ told me, like, what I said on the show. She did tell me they are not happy in their relationship and that’s all she’s ever told me. She never said any specific information about their relationship.” He says he already knew that after watching the season reunion last season, when they mentioned divorce.

“I have all this information that Reza should know because they’re trying to have babies through surrogacy and I was like, that’s like, you don’t want to bring babies when you’re not happy so that’s just gonna create more problems and let me tell you some information that you should know. And I told that to MJ, and told that to Destiney, and they were like ‘yeah we should talk to him about it’. The original idea was that I was going to go tell Reza and they were going to be there to support me and have my back and so it didn’t look shady that way and it was really coming from a supportive side, which it was.” 13:14

He says MJ didn’t go to Reza because it was coming from me and she didn’t want to get involved because they were both her friends.

Ashouri says that the way he was portrayed on the show was that he is “Shady, thirsty and looking for attention” and that he gets messages saying as much constantly. He says the show needed a villain and that is him.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to Ashouri that Adam didn’t want to drop the restraining order against Tommy for tearing apart him and Reza’s backyard.

“That’s the kind of person Adam is. He is very vindictive and bitchy and just catty and that’s what he is trying to do to… Let’s be real here, that’s a power play that they’re trying to do. They’re (Reza and Adam) trying to put problems for MJ and Tommy, so if they’re having problems in the future of the show, if they (MJ and Tommy) want to film anything with them, they can’t because of the restraining order for three years.”

Ashouri says Tommy served four days in county jail instead of accepting community service in regards to charges that Reza and Adam filed against him.

“It’s not like they are scared for their safety, like ‘I’m going to be hurt in my house’. It doesn’t work like that. They’re trying to push MJ out.”

Bravo has not yet announced a date for the Reunion show, but fans are eagerly awaiting more as this season ended with a lot of unanswered questions. 

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