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Secrets and Wives After Show

Secrets and Wives After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Bravo’s Secrets and Wives.

Show Summary: This reality series explores what life is like for six Long Island women who are looking to reinvent themselves as they face obstacles that include divorce, a new marriage or joining the ranks of the empty-nesters. The friends come together to help one another overcome the challenges that they face. The ladies include singer Andi, who has been divorced three times and is close to moving in with her boyfriend; businesswoman Susan, who seeks acceptance within the group; spa owner Cori, who struggles to work with her husband in the business; perfectionist Gail, the wife of a workaholic who doesn’t always fit into her husband’s busy schedule; engaged Amy, whose off-and-on relationship doesn’t earn the group’s approval; and recent divorcee Liza, who relies on her friends for support as she goes through the process.


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