‘Say I Do’ Star Chef Gabriele Bertaccini Dishes On Food, Friendship, Family, & Falling In Love

Netflix’s ‘Say I Do’ Star, Chef Gabriele Bertaccini discusses his time on the show, his relationship with co-stars Thai Nguyen and Jeremiah Brent, as well as his shared passion for food and life with his mentor the late Anthony Bourdain.

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Posted On: September 1st 2020 5:35 pm pst

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Are you looking to stay grounded, stay present, and stay in front of your TV for eight heartwarming hours of love? If so, look no further then your new favorite Netflix binge, Say I Do.

This lovably sweet series takes you on a beautiful journey with three beautiful men, who help deserving couples have the wedding of their dreams.

I got the chance to chat with Chef Gabriele Bertaccini, the show’s resident food and wine expert. He spilled all the tea about his time on the show, his quarantine routine, and how this pandemic has put lots of things into perspective for his career and his life as a whole.

Gabriele grew up in Florence, Italy and since he was surrounded by wonderful food and family all his life, he knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue cooking as a profession.

He shared how passionate he is as a Chef (and an Italian man), and how that passion has translated into his work on the show and his relationship with his co-stars.

On the show, Gabriele works alongside celebrity designer Thai Nguyen and interior designer Jeremiah Brent.

These three superstars come together and use their unique passions to create stunning ceremonies and receptions that celebrate a couple’s love and life. Gabriele touched on how amazing it is to work with these men and be able to celebrate the love that these couples share.

“I absolutely love them. They are amazing humans and friends. What we share so much between the three of us is the passion for what we do, for our trade. We feed off each other and our creativity. It’s also our way of expressing who we are and sharing that with the world.”

With Gabriele’s contribution being food and drinks, I was curious to know why he feels food is such an important aspect of a wedding. He had the perfect answer to that question.

“Food is probably one of the most important elements of a wedding. Food tells a story and a wedding is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. They are able to tell their story to their guests through food. To be able to bring their traditions and what they grew up with, but also to create new traditions. Food is the glue of any community.”

When discussing our shared love of food, I mentioned to Gabe my love of Queen Giada De Laurentiis. I definitely wanted to know who inspires him as a Chef, and his answer was as sweet as wedding cake.

“Where I come from, the culture I come from is centered around food and wine, so everyone is inspired by food. My inspiration comes mostly where I’m from. The late Anthony Bourdain really became a mentor and we really shared this love of cooking and this passion for life.”

Say I Do is definitely an escape and a bundle of joy and light in these uncertain times. Chef Gabriele also mentioned how he’s dealing with all of this uncertainty and his frame of mind these last few months.

“If there’s one thing we all had to learn how to deal with, it’s the uncertainty of life. Nothing is certain and our routines have been shaken up. My passion comes from traveling and being with people I don’t know. I’m now more aware of the importance of being present in the moment and enjoying what we’re doing in that specific moment and that specific place.”

Bertaccini even joked about quarantining with his boyfriend and how any relationship can be tested when stuck at home with someone for months on end.

“We have been quarantining together and any sort of quarantine, it definitely tests the relationship. It‘s going well, but it required us to find new ways of communicating.”

Speaking of communicating, the passionate Italian Chef also communicated some of his hopes for a potential season two of Say I Do, and his answer might surprise you, make you cry, or both.

“If there’s one thing I learned going into the project, it’s the different forms and shapes that love can take. Every love story that we saw in season one was completely different, but the common denominator is that if we stay grounded and believe in love, we can overcome anything. If there’s one thing we can all share, it’s what love feels like. What I’m hoping for in season two is just eight more LOVE stories because that has been a change in my life that I will keep with me forever.”

While we all anxiously await word from Netflix about Say I Do season two, you can do what I did and fawn over Chef Gabe’s best shirtless selfies over on his Instagram @chefgabebertaccini.

You should also be on the lookout for a cookbook coming from him soon, as well as many other projects coming down the line!

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