Sarunas J. Jackson Gets Real About Anxiety and Upcoming Short Film with Good Trouble Co-Stars

Written by: Chae’ Jones – February 23rd 2020,10:00am pst

Good Trouble is Freeform’s spin-off to The Fosters and the show certainly sets its own path and tackles many conversations from the LGBTQ…plus community, racism, activism, and finding love in LA.

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Sarunas J. Jackson joined AfterBuzz TV’s Good Trouble After Show Wednesday night with Bryant Santos, Lauren Hubbard, Janice Nyam and me to talk about season 2 episode 16 “Fragility”.

Though in episode 15 “Paletine’s Day” we saw a side of his character Issac we hadn’t before. Issac suffers from anxiety that has been with him since he was a child and Malika helped him by having him talk to her.  Hopefully opening up will bring him closer to healing.

It’s rare to see a person of color deal with anxiety or depression on television because for most minority communities, it’s not something that’s talked about amongst ourselves.  Many times we haven’t had a label to apply what we were feeling. Jackson got candid about dealing with anxiety himself. “Because I’m someone who’s dealt with anxiety in my life. So I didn’t understand what that was when I was younger. I didn’t know, honestly I just thought I was trippin’.”

As an actor you’re given the chance to deeply explore different facets of a characters personality and sometimes you get to use your own experience to really push yourself.    The opportunity to really have this conversation meant a great deal to Jackson. “That was very special to me because it was the first time in my career I was able to do more than just kind of…a lot of characters I’ve played have been kind of just been kind of leveled, you know you don’t go too off base with your emotions or anything you haven’t explored much, and I’m definitely involved in interesting things but this was the first time I was able to dive into some. And it was something special to me just because it was something I could pull from my life.”

credit: Disney/ABC/Freeform

Not only will Jackson be returning to Good Trouble for season 3,and reprise his role in Games People Play for season 2 opposite Lauren London, he’ll also be starring in a short film titled, The Zoo with co-stars Denim Richards and J. Mallory McCree. He shared what this film is about, “This is basically talking about the black experience during the holocaust and what um, there orders were from Hitler which is to experiement on black bodies because they wanted to over…overtake…come…go to Africa. And take over there.”

You can follow Jackson at @ronejae. To watch the full interview, click this link… Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 16

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