Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares More SMG Quarine Tips, Her Quarantine Birthday, Shout Out from Resse Witherspoon & Hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. Crashing Zoom Calls

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 21st, 2020 11:47am pst


Our favorite slayer is back with more “SMG Quarantine Tips” to get us through the week and these tips are our favorite ones so far. 

Parents are probably hitting that point in quarantine where their kids are starting to get restless and there are only so many Netflix shows you can stream. 

Sarah once again has us covered. Her first tip will not only entertain your kids but help us have a clean house. 

“Hey you guys it’s Sarah with your tip of the day. Are your kids starting to get restless? I told mine we were going ice skating and I put swiffer pads on their feet and let them loose! SMG Quraine Tip of the day….While we’re talking about swiffer pads they also make great slippers.” 

Sarah really comes through when us parents are struggling with a dirty home or trying to come up with activities for our kids. 

Tip two, it’s important for us to stay healthy. Especially now! Sarah gives us a tip on how we can consume more vitamins into our daily diet…this might be our favorite Quarine Tip so far.  

“SMG tip of the day. Did you know that mimosas contain 32% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C? You’re Welcome! Quarine Tip.” 

Thank you Sarah! Many of us might be guilty of having two or three mimosas to start off our day but “The Cruel Intentions,” actress is reminding us that we are on the right track of getting our Vitamin C. This is something worth celebrating. Please pour us another drink!

Sarah is also celebrating something special and that is… HER birthday! She shared a sweet message to her fans and still felt lucky during this uncertain time. 

“While it’s certainly not the birthday of my dreams, I know how lucky I am. Thank you to all of you, my virtual friend, for your kind words and support during this difficult time.” 

Even some of Sarah’s close friends like Reese Witherspoon reached out to her to wish her Happy Birthday.

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram 

Reese you’re so sweet! We hope you had an amazing day with your family Sarah and hopefully your kids followed some of your QuaranTips to make your day even more special!

What else makes Sarah feel special is creating a new outfit. While we’re on lockdown this is the time to try different styles and you might be inspired to try Sarah’s..

“#pillowchalllenge inspired by #tigerking (btw so weird to put heels on – I feel like I need to start putting them on once a week so I don’t forget how to walk in them).”

Good idea, Sarah, we should start wearing heels more often; after we get done with our “swiffer” slippers that we have worn around the house. Plus, the pillow outfit does inspire us to give it a try at our next Zoom call. If anything we should feel comfortable. 

When Sarah is on her Zoom calls for work, her hubby (Freddie Prinze Jr.) likes to join in. 

“In case anyone was wondering what it’s like to try and work with @realfreddieprinze is around…wonder no more. #zoomlife #thenewnormal.” 

Sarah, if we ever had a Zoom call with you we wouldn’t mind if Freddie stopped in to say hi…but we feel like another Quarine Tip is coming on how to handle this situation. 

When Sarah isn’t on Zoom calls she is homeschooling her kids and from this next post she shares it looks like things are going well…

“Me realizing there is no end to homeschooling in sight. Who feels me?!? (I feel for my kids).” 

We commend you Sarah and all the parents who are homeschooling their kids right now. We’re not even sure if Buffy Summers would be able to handle this challenge. 

Fans! Make sure you are keeping up with Sarah on social media to hear her latest SMG Quraine Tip of the day. Sarah please keep sharing your tips because we have you covered! 

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