Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Daily ‘Quarantips’

and Buffy Quarantine Memes

Quarantine with the Stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – April 2nd 2020, 8:49pm pst

Sarah Michelle Gellar is using her platform to influence people to stay home and to remind us that we’re in this together. She also gives us tips on how to survive being quartered.

Sarah posted on Instagram a photo of herself, holding a sign on why she is staying home and how important it is for us to take care of each other.

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“I’m posting this video and tagging six of my friends with the hashtag #IStayHomeFor to remind all of us why we are doing this. The more of us staying home, make it safer for those on the front lines who can’t.”

Great message Sarah! We love how you are reminding people that not everyone has the benefit of staying at home and the importance of doing so to protect them. If we all do our part, we will make it safer for those who have to be out in the public and to hopefully bring this to closure sooner than later. Good tip.

If you’re quaratented with children, Sarah has some tips on how to survive with her’ SMG Tip of the Day’, a series the actress has launched on her Instagram. Sarah aptly calls these ‘quarantips.’

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“Hey guys I’m here with your SMG tip of the day. Now is a great time to clean out that hall closet you’ve been putting off because then you have a new hiding spot.

Not only are we getting our Spring cleaning done but she is helping us find a place to escape to when our household might be a little overwhelming. Speaking of hiding spots…here is another SMG tip of the day.

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“Use this time to play games with your kids. I like hide and go seek. I find they can usually hide for at least 30 mintues before they even realize I’m not looking.”

We can agree this was our favorite game to play while we were babysitting. Here is another game Sarah suggests for you parents out there (kinda)!

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“Parents, here is a fun drinking game you can play while you’re home. Every time you hear someone yell “mom” take a drink…no wait don’t do that. You’ll die.”

Yeah..this might not be the best game to play. Not even Buffy Summers would be able to save you.

Speaking of Buffy, fans are posting meme’s of how they are feeling during quarantine and Sarah is sharing them on her Instagram.

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“#truth (I love these memes btw keep them coming)”

Okay…so we may not be fighting this “battle” in a cute vampire slayer outfit but at least we are comfortable. Let’s be honest, we’re not sorry that we are wearing the same sweatpants five days in row.

Since we’re on the topic of slayers. Sarah posted that she went on a walk and you will never guess what she found.

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“Hmmmm…..found this on my walk today.”

Consistence? We think not! Only Sarah would find a wooden stake on her walks in Los Angeles. She will always be our favorite hero.

Sarah is also a hero for keeping her house disinfected and clean.

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“You guys I’ve been carrying these accessories before they were all the rage. Who knew they would become collector items?!? #lysol #lysoleverything.”

You have a point Sarah we should always have this on hand….but if you have any extra lysol wipes could you send some? We have venmo!

Sarah is also using her platform to give back and encouraging fans to donate if you can. She is promoting Save the Children and other organizations that support food banks for children who rely on school for food.

She is doing her part by teaming up with Save with Stories (a partnership with Save the Children) that has stories on Instagram and Facebook. This platform provides fun and education to kids stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

“Today I’m reading Pig The Pug (by Aaron Blabey published by @scholasticnic #savewithstories.”

Thanks for teaming up with Save with Stories Sarah! That’s sweet of you to be thinking of children and families who are struggling during this difficult time.

Fans, make sure to keep up with Sarah on Instagram for more SMG #Quarantips and if you create any Buffy memes you know Sarah is keeping her eye out for them! So will we!

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