Sarah Michelle Gellar Slays Wearing Her Buffy Dress & Has More SMG Tips

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives a special shout out to all mothers & shares more quarnetips while living her inner Buffy Summers

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Posted On: May 11th, 2020 6:16pm pst

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Afterbuzz Loves Sarah Michelle Gellar Weekly

Sarah is back and with more quaran-tips  to help us get through another week. She’s giving a shout out to all of the mama’s out there and how they can treat themselves while we are quarantined. 

“It’s your special Mother’s Day quaran-tip from SMG. Teach your family about social distancing today. By social distancing from them. Happy Mother’s Day.” 

We agree it’s important to teach your kids about social distancing and Mother’s Day is a great way to get a little space from the kids…we mean “social distancing.” 

But all joking aside, Sarah shares a sweet post in her IG story telling us that this year, it is especially important to tell mother’s how amazing they are. 

Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram

In the past few months mom’s have been teachers, chefs, maids, and entertainers. Thank you to all of the wonderful moms out there holding their families together. 

Speaking of teaching, Sarah is giving us some good tips on what we should teach our kids next. 

“SMG Tip of the day. Parents remember it’s our responsibility to teach our children the stories of our past. Like what a Saturday was.” 

Yes we all remember the good old days and what we did on Saturdays. Ours was waking up early and watching cartoons. We all miss those Saturday mornings. 

 However, one thing we aren’t going to miss is Elf on the Shelf and Sarah gives us a good tip on how we can end this tale. 

“SMG Tip of the day. Parents remember to use this time wisely. Don’t forget to tell your kids the tragic news that Elf on the shelf did not survive the pandemic…you’re welcome.” 

Sarah also has the option to tell her kids that Buffy slayed the Elf. Honestly, we prefer the latter. Especially seeing Sarah strut around the house in this outfit…look familiar Buffy fans? 

“All dressed up and nowhere to go. ‘I say we party.’” 

We say so,  too!  Us Buffy fans remember this iconic dress Buffy wore in Season One’s finale taking down the Master…well be right back.

   We are going to binge watch the first season right now. Who else loves the leather jacket? 

Sarah might be rocking her slayer dress inside but when she goes outside, she’s wearing a stylish face mask that we all wish we owned. 

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Keep it safe, but keep it fun!! 💋 It’s a #lewk

A post shared by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar) on

“Keep it safe, but keep it fun.” 

You are definitely keeping it fun, Sarah, and we might copy this design! But Sarah is also recommending wearing this mask inside the house as well. 

Will leave you with this last quarantip of the day. 

“SMG Tip of the day. I highly recommend that you wear your mask inside now. Not because of Covid…just to stop eating. Quaran-tip.” 

Fans! Make sure you are keeping up with Sarah on social media to hear her latest SMG Quaran-tip of the day. Sarah,  please keep sharing your tips because we have you covered! 

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