Sarah Michelle Gellar Pays Tribute To Hollywood Publicist Nanci Ryder

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares more SMG Tips, supports Juneteenth, and pays tribute to Hollywood publicist Nanci Ryder who passed away from ALS

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Posted On: June 21st, 2020 5:11 pm pst

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AfterBuzz TV Loves Sarah Michelle Gellar Weekly

Our girl Sarah is back this week supporting Juneteenth and paying tribute to Nanci Ryder who passed away from ALS, plus she has an SMG tip for you TikTokers out there. 

Let’s first give a big congratulations to Sarah who survived homeschooling her kids. It’s been an interesting 12 weeks for Sarah stepping in and teaching her two children, but now summer has officially begun. 

“So there’s been a lot of going on in the world. In my house, there have been a lot of emotions, discussions, and listening. But this also happened. It has not been an easy 12 weeks. I’m proud of myself..”

You should be proud of yourself Sarah, and who knows you might have found your new calling as a school teacher. We were impressed with all the videos you shared so far on your IG. 

Sarah also shares an important message- that it costs nothing to be kind to each other. If we have learned anything the last couple of weeks it’s that this world needs to get rid of the hate. When everyone does their part and starts showing love and compassion to one another, that’s when we will see change. 

“Because kindness costs nothing and means everything.”

Sarah states, in a video collaboration with other celebrities, that we all need to distance ourselves from hate and find the true meaning of equality. 

She also posted on Juneteenth that true freedom requires true equality and deep, meaningful change of our beliefs and systems. Sarah is supporting organizations that are dedicated to fighting racial injustice (scroll to the 2nd page to see how you can support). 

Sarah is also supporting and paying tribute to Nanci Ryder who was a Hollywood publicist. Sarah shares a sweet memory of when she was 21 and Nanci joined her and her husband Freddie on their first trip as a couple. 

“Nanci was definitely the most sophisticated person I had ever met, and took me to so many firsts on that trip (like those traditional fish and chips) Nanci also came with me and Feddie, on our first trip as a couple..Your presence will be missed Nanci, but your spirit remains with all of us. We love you.” 

Nanci passed away from ALS, but many celebrities including Sarah shared how special Nanci was to them.

Sarah ended the week sharing another special SMG tip. While some of us are still in quarantine and are looking for things to do this summer, Sarah shows her savage side and advises some of her followers to not join TikTok. 

“It’s time for SMG’s tip of the day. If you think now would be a good time to, I don’t know start a TikTok account…don’t do it! You’re a 45 year old mother of three not a 16 year old…quarantips.” 

Now, we are supportive of “you do you” but Sarah speaks the truth. After all, she did just get her kids through homeschooling for 12 weeks. This is an SMG tip you might want to really consider. 

Fans! Make sure you are keeping up with Sarah on social media to hear her latest SMG Tip of the day. Sarah, next we’re requesting tips on how parents can survive the summer with the kids. 

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