Sarah Michelle Gellar Has More SMG Tips W/ Back To School

Sarah Michelle Gellar has more SMG tips and Chloe Fineman from Saturday Night Live also shares some of her own Quaran-Tips. Plus, Sarah gives us an update on how homeschooling is going so far with her kids.

Chelsie Overocker

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Posted On: August 18th, 2020 7:10 pm pst

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AfterBuzz TV Loves Sarah Michelle Gellar 

Let’s be honest Sarah’s SMG tips have been helping us get through Covid and we all have become fans of the short videos she posts on her IG. 

Chloe Fineman from Saturday Night Live is also a fan of Sarah’s SMG tips! She has posted five videos of her impersonating Sarah and giving her own “Chloe Tips” of the day. 

“Recently discovered @sarahmgellar’s INSTA and now I can’t stop. Obsessed. Love her!!!” 

We love your videos too Chloe! You nailed it from the facial expressions to the headband! Chloe even caught the attention of Sarah’s best friend Selma Blair who commented on her post. 

Credit: Instagram

Sarah is also a fan of Chloe and reposted her videos on her IG. 

“O.M.G @chloeiscrazy this is EVERYTHING. You might even be a better me than me. But seriously…where did you get that headband???”

Make sure to follow Chloe for some more Quaran Tips and Quaran Truths! Between her and Sarah they both will help us get through more Covid days. 

For fun here is the original Quarane Tip of keeping your kids busy for the summer. 

“SMG tip of the day looking to keep your kids busy over the summer break? Have them match all of your tupperware with the missing lids. That’s like a week of summer camp right there..Quaran Tip.” 

Sadly summer is coming to an end but Sarah is back with  more homeschooling tips and making a point that we still can’t forget about our back to school shoe shopping. 

“SMG tip of the day. Just because we are still in quarantine doesn’t mean we need to forget about things like back to school shoe shopping..I bought pink.” 

She’s also keeping us updated on how homeschooling is going so far…

“Homeschooling update, my kids just said to me we hope we don’t get the same teacher as last year… all well….disappointment brings character right? Quaran truth.” 

Also on IG celebrities have been posting photos of themselves from different characters they have played and how their moods describe how our year is going. Sarah’s is pretty accurate (especially the last photo). 

“Ok @reesewitherspoon here’s mine. #2020” 

It’s been a crazy year and thankfully we are almost done. Sarah shared a photo of how she rang in 2020 with her friends. 

“So maybe this was a sign. We opened the box on NYE and realized the hats were not the 2020 ones we ordered. Maybe someone was trying to tell us to not even attempt 2020. Wish I had listened.” 

That’s all the updates this week on Sarah Michelle Gellar!  Sarah, please post more SMG tips because us fans want to know how homeschooling is going and will need your advice. 

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