Star of The CW’s Batwoman, Sam Littlefield On the Batwoman Aftershow, Answers All Things Batwoman Questions, Talks American Horror Story Star He’d Love to Work Plus New Film!

Written by: Katie Kawamoto – April 21st, 2020 3:57pm pst


If you watch Batwoman on The CW you know him as Mouse, who along with Alice makes up one half of the villainous duo. Sam Littlefield, joined the ladies of the Afterbuzz Batwoman Aftershow to answer some questions about his role as Mouse on the show, being inspired by his coworkers and crew, and his new film coming out May 5th called Mother’s Little Helpers.  

Sam had nothing but adoration for his fellow cast and crew and for working so closely opposite Rachel Skarsten’s character Alice.  He stated that “working with Rachel, she’s just so wonderful and in so many respects, such a fabulous actress.” He also mentioned how awesome it was to work with the makeup department to transform his character everyday, and how “Putting on makeup takes about two and a half hours everyday. I just loved my hair and makeup team…I was able to kind of download and throw out and throw around some ideas about the scenes that I was doing and sort of decompress and kind of get into the zone of playing Mouse. That was some of my favorite moments and memories throughout the course of it was just spending so much time with such a cool group of women.”

He also talked to us about his new film Mother’s Little Helpers coming out on May 5.”It’s a story about four siblings who go home to say goodbye to their mother and they’re stuck at home in isolation losing their minds.  Which is very strange …it’s crazy that this movie is coming out at this time.” Later on in the interview he stated, “This film offers people some comfort during this very challenging time where hopefully they can sort of see their own lives kind of reflected back to them in a light hearted, heartwarming way.”

Sam helped us wrap out the interview with a fan favorite lightning round of questions. Here are some of those questions. 

1.FAN: What is the first thing you want to do after the “Stay In Place” order is lifted?

SL: I would love to travel. After the season was done I was planning on going on a big traveling escapade but I’d love to leave the country and go to Greece, and Spain, Japan, and South America, and I really hope that I can one day.

2. AB: Who is your favorite Batman Villain and who would you want to see on the show?

SL: The Joker

3. AB: Who would you want to see play the Joker?

SL: Me

4. FAN: How do you pass time on set?

SL: I got a VR set up in my trailer and do that for long extended periods of time. Me and my makeup team, we would watch movies a lot.

5. AB: Who is the actor you have learned most from on set?

SL: Rachel [Skarsten] Her tenacity, her generosity, generosity of spirit and her willingness to just be there for you.”

6. AB: What was the hardest scene you shot?

SL: The hospital scene. It’s really hard to act at 7 am.

7. AB: What’s the script/episode that shocked you the most?

SL: It’s coming out, it’s coming up. It’s about to get really good.

8. AB: Best DC Comics Movie

SL: Batman Returns

9. AB: Name one thing you love and one thing you hate about Mouse? 

SL: His face, and his face.

10. AB: Is there anyone you would love to see guest star on Batwoman?

SL: I really want to just work with Jessica Lange at some point in my life. I feel like she adds to anything that she ever does.AB: Do you ship Alice and Mouse and would you like to see Mouse get a love interest?

SL: To me they really are brother and sister. I would love to see Mouse have a relationship. I would love for Mouse to be able to experience that. Especially since I don’t think audiences would expect it because they just see him in such a specific light, almost unloveable. I think that would be really wonderful. 

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You can find Sam Littlefield on Instagram @TheSamLittlefield for all the updates about him, and his new film Mother’s Little Helpers out May 5 or catch him on Batwoman returning Sunday, April 26th on The CW.

Interview by Alikona Bradford  and Katie Kawamoto

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