Wrestling Icon Selina De la Renta on Total Divas, the Bella Twins, Bringing Her Vision to Court Bauer’s MLW, and What Melts Her Heart

Written by: Emily Mae Heller – April 10th, 2020 2:41pm pst

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Producer, Wrestler, Commentator, and Manager Salina de la Renta shares how she began wrestling, her experience as a producer, and how she wants to inspire young girls. 

Salina was a guest on Women’s Wrestling Weekly this week with TK Trinidad, Emily Mae and Bryant Santos as they discussed her dream matches, how Total Divas inspired her, how the pandemic is changing  wrestling, and the road to becoming a television producer for a wrestling company. 

Salina shared how she didn’t grow up watching wrestling, but came across it  as a film student in Florida while watching Total Divas. “I would say my story’s a little different because I didn’t grow up watching any wrestling, and I only came across wrestling when I was 19. So, I moved to Florida so I could study film and one of my film assignments was to study reality TV, and I came across Total Divas,” she shared. 

Salina’s was inspired by Total Divas and how the Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie Bella) are such strong female personalities and how they do it all. 

“I was looking at Nikki Bella and Brie Bella because to me they were an inspiration,” she revealed.

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With her mom’s encouragement and support she decided to pursue wrestling. She revealed how difficult it was first starting out, since she didn’t have an extensive background, but, “eventually, they grew to love me and it all turned out fine, but that was my story.”

Salina pursued many of her passions, including writing, which helped her become one the producers on Major League Wrestling. “Well, first thing I’m grateful for it, the opportunities that I’ve gotten.” 

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Salina revealed that she’s always enjoyed writing, especially plays, and she decided that when she got the chance to work in TV, she could start writing her own pitches. 

“Maybe we could do this, how about that, and I wrote like different scenarios that we maybe could do on TV and I brought them to Court Bauer, who was the CEO of MLW, and he would, like, look at it, and not say anything…and then one day, he goes, ‘Salina, how would you like to be Executive Producer of an episode of MLW?’, and I was like wait wait, what?! How did that happen?”

To help with this process, Salina started writing down everything she wanted in the show and tried to come up with some really good ideas on how she would run the show, “Then at the very end he was like we’re gonna go with that, we’re doing it!”, she said. 

Salina hopes to inspire young girls to follow their dreams just like her.. She confessed that “My heart melts a little every time I see somebody say…I wanna be like you when I grow up.” 

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We can’t wait to see what Salina does next, including a return to the ring later this year! Catch Salina de la Renta in all of the wrestling action on of MLW’s streaming channels. You can watch the full Women’s Wrestling Weekly interview here.   Share this article with friends who follow wrestling divas, girl bosses in the entertainment industry, and powerful female role models.  Salina de la Renta is all of the above. And keep tuning in to Women’s Wrestling Weekly.

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