An Echo Is Heard – S7 E2 ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ Recap & Review

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“The Search For Truth Begins With Belief” and that was certainly the case with Rex and Echo in this week’s episode of The Clone Wars!

Rex is putting all of his energy into finding Echo. Anakin gets Rex to keep watch as he video-calls Padme who appears to have a slight baby-bump. Padme gives Anakin advice on standing by Rex in his hour(s) of need. Anakin, Rex, and Squad 99 fly to the moon Shako Minor. After landing Anakin is immediately taken by a flying dragon animal native to this moon. Hunter grapples onto the dragon to try and rescue Anakin but ends up falling near a native camp. 

The rest of the squad catches up with Hunter and they infiltrate the camp but cause not violence. Tech converses with Wat Tambor and the two groups come to a mutual understanding and get Anakin released. Our heroes then infiltrate the separatist tower where Echo’s signal is coming from only to have Tech and Rex discover Echo is alive… sort of… as he is tied up to several tubes and wires.

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