A Cruel Fate – S5 E9 ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap & Review

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The timeline of today must be protected by the Legends of Tomorrow… Come hear all about it with the AFTERBUZZ TV LEGENDS OF TOMORROW AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Join us in OUR timeline as we break down and analyze every episode and character. Make sure to stick around for our fun special segments, news and gossip!

Episode Recap

Zari wakes up in Nate’s bed on the Waverider.  Memories of Zari’s previous timeline life popping up in this Zari’s head are increasing in frequency.  Behrad says that she should commune with the totem and talk to previous totem bearers.

As they prepare for that the Constantine tries to convince the rest of the Legends to continue to find the pieces of the Loom of Fate.  Charlie isn’t interested at the moment because she is dealing with learning that her old band mates, The Smell, have been killed be her sister, who is know looking for Charlie.

Constantine takes off on his own to find the next price which takes him to present day forests in  British Columbia which is also serving as a filming location for Supernatural.

Sara and Charlie follow him as does Charlie’s sister.  Charlie separates from the two of them to encounter her sister and is so afraid of what might happen that she almost takes the offer to go with her.  Sara and Constantine show up to fight her and get Charlie away but she is more than a match for them.  Sara is able to get Charlie away while Constantine distracts Atropos but he falls and Atropos disguises herself as Constantine  to get Charlie to take her to the piece of the Loom of Fate.  When Charlie retrieves the piece Atropos reveals herself and pins Charlie against  tree and gets that ring of fate.  Sara tries time stop her and Atropos reveals her true self to her.  While that is supposed to be certain death, she survives.

The Waverider arrives to help and Atropos tracks the other ring of fate onto the ship.  The only people left on board are Zari and Behrad.  Zari is in a trance communicating with her previous timeline self inside the totem.  Behrad tries to stop Atropos who instead draws of the sting of fate of his life and cuts it short ending his life.

Before Atropos can leave the ship Sara and Charlie are able to push her into the time stream while retrieving the rings of fate.

Zari asks Constantine if the Loom of Fate can bring back Behrad.  He says it can and Zari says she will be right next to him until that is done.

Also in the episode Ava helps Mick try to repair the relationship with his daughter by traveling in time and planting himself in key moments of her life.  When that doesn’t work, Mick is ready to go back and time and stop himself from sleeping with Lita’s mom.  Ava suggest what is needed is to apologize for not being around instead.

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