It‘s the End of Fillory As We Know It – S5 E10 & E11 ’The Magicians’ Review & Recap

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What happens when the world depends on students turned master magicians to save the world time and time again? You get The Magicians, and more importantly you get THE MAGICIANS AFTER SHOW! We will break down and discuss each episode of this crazy show that keeps us on the edge of our seats, as well as our special segment, news and gossip surrounding the show and the cast, plus our predictions of whats to come!

Episode Recap

In “Purgatory,” Plum and Penny try to find a way out of their traveler’s prison, Josh makes a new friend and visits the OG Penny in the Underworld, we pay a visit to a mourning Hades, and Julia and Eliot (and Charlton) brainstorm a way out of their Fillorian jail cell! In “Be the Hymen,” our favorite spectral Peeping Tom, now a real boy, is awakened from stasis when the crew has to pay Umber a visit in Vancouver, Marina has broken…good? And Julia finally gets her quest from Sir Effingham, but it may not be the quest she wanted.

  • This show was hosted by Ty Matthews (@TyMatthewsPMA) and Adrian Snow (@msadriansnow)

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