Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies. – S4 E14 ‘Riverdale’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Archie, Betty and Veronica burn their clothes and Jughead beanies and try to convince their parents that nothing is wrong.

Archie meets his mom’s girlfriend, Brooke, who says that she’ll recommend him to the Navel Academy.  Hiram updates his will and finally tells Veronica about his illness.  She agrees to be Co-Executor of his will along with Hermosa.

Betty tells Charles about what happened with Jughead.  He offers to help her get the truth from the Stonewall Prep students and gives her a big to plant.   Betty visits Evelyn Evernever in prison to find out if she can be triggered by a code word.  Evelyn  is eager for Betty to join her in prison.

Betty ask Archie to help scare Brett enough for him to say something incriminating for the bug.  Brett and Donna don’t fall for it and tell Betty she needs to be smarter.

Veronica gets a call from Barnard College saying her application is in review.  Archie and Veronica go to get the truth from Betty.

The pressure to tell the truth finally convince Betty to open up to Archie and Veronica about the code word and her fears that she killed Jughead. They agree to stand next to her and suggest Betty get help from Charles again.  He hypnotizes Betty and she remembers Donna blowing Demon’s Breath in her face.

Betty confronts Donna and she says she knows the body will never be found because all evidence will point to Betty.  Betty tells Archie and Veronica that they need to stop playing defense and switch to offense.

Betty organized a search party so Jughead’s body can be found.  Archie finds it for F.P. and the body is identified

Archie confess what happened to Mary.

Betty and Donna meet one more time in the woods where Betty tells Donna that she is the ultimate wildcard, she’s coming for her and she will regret ever meeting her.

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