Can Jaimie be Stopped? – S3 E7 ‘The Sinner’ Recap & Review

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If you’re looking for the perfect companion to the dark drama that is The Sinner, look no more! THE SINNER AFTER SHOW is here to break down all the character dynamics, dark story points, and even create theories week to week based on the episodes. Every week tune in for a new review and discussion on The Sinner and everything that’s revealed. Can we solve this puzzle? Maybe with the help of Special Guests! Make sure to subscribe and rate and comment with your own thoughts and who you would like to see on the show!

Episode Recap

This episode starts with Detective Ambrose having a flashback of his past that is hunting him. Jamie confesses to Ambrose that he let Nick die because Nick pushed him too far. Ambrose recorded the confession and reported it to the police. Jaimie was taken into custody but later released when his lawyer got the admission tape dismissed. Ambrose tells Leela to put a restraining order on Jamie, so when he got home and realized that his wife turned on him, Jaimie turned and hit Det. Ambrose Boss with a golf club on the golf course.
Host: Ashley dior Jones @ashleydiorjones, Emily Mae Heller @Emilymaeheler , Nate Harris @Royalnate_

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