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This SOAP reboot gets crazy as we dive into the lives of the Carrington Billionaires! What will happen with Fallon and Cristal?! Will the Colbys succeed in their plan to take it all?! We’re here every week talking about it on the DYNASTY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW! With insider news, special guest interviews, and ALL the drama breakdowns, we have everything you’d need as a fan of the new age Dynasty! Subscribe and Comment and be sure to stay up to date on all things Dynasty!!!

Episode Recap

On this weeks CW’s DYNASTY – SEASON 3 – EPISODE 15 – UP A TREE – we learn what we know that Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) isn’t cut out to be a mommy to Connor (newcomer John Jackson Hunter) , Liam’s love child who’s mom left behind in Liam and Fallon’s most unready care.  As Liam (Adam Huber) goes off to search for Connor’s mother, Fallon turns out to be the worst of babysitters as she lets it slip that his mother has runaway in the first place.  Liam comes back to find Connor up a tree, Fallon pleading, and his mother not answering the phone.  Fallon shows a motherly spark when she lets the truth set her free by sharing the way Alexis ran away from her.  Connor finally decides to come down however nothing can be easy in the Carrington household and Connor falls in the lake.  Liam and Culhane out of the nowhere to the rescue.  Heidi (Emily Rudd) , Connor’s mom shows up at the end, but Fallon wont give Connor up with out a fight.
Mother of the year Alexis (Newest Alexis Elaine Hendrix) unwittingly comes to Fallon’s aid, and Fallon points out her lack of motherly instinct is just the apple not falling too far from the tree.  Alexis has her own mission, to find a cure for the dwindling Colby (Sam Adegoke).  Enlisting Adam (Sam Underwood), now officially Dr. Carrington, by reminding him of his video confession of poisoning Colby.  Adam gets the drugs but Colby refuses to take them from the person who poisoned him in the first place.  Alexis decides to spike Colby’s seltzer.  Not the first time she’s put drugs in a drink for her own purpose.  Mixing spiked drinks and unknowing patients isn’t always the best remedy.
Mother of the decade Dominique (Michael Michele) has the House of Deveraux up and running in the Carrington manor.  She presses Vanessa (voice of an angel Jade Payton) to return to Culhane to include him in the storyline.  Sam is excited to be a part of the program, maybe a little too excited considering all his wardrobe changes.  Vanessa is giving Culhane (Debonaire Robert Christopher Riley) mixed signals as she prepares to drop her single.  Clearly he is not over her, the question is she over him?  Culhane’s rescue manages to save Connor and some of the Atlantix sponsors who were dropping the team left and right.  Culhane is the newest member of House of Deveraux but maybe thats all he is.
And finally Mother who almost was Cristal (Newest Cristal Daniella Alonso) lies to Blake (Grant Show) to take Beto (beautiful Geovanni Gopradi) back to Mexico before the police investigate the bombing too closely.  Cristal charters the jet for a faux Bridal Shower, Blake crashes the party and finds Beto on the flight.  Cristal comes clean about Beto on the ride back but in a moment of epiphany decides that she cannot be the person who hires hitmen.  Cristal wants to work with patients at the clinic to redeem her soul and maybe even Blakes.
We end with Colby passing out.  Check out the CW’s DYNASTY AFTERBUZZ AFTERSHOW to discuss all this and more.
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