The Women Yell All – S24 E10 ‘The Bachelor’ Recap & Review

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A weekly after-show series that breaks down episodes of ABC’s Bachelor franchise including spin-offs like Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. During the hiatus weeks our hosts will discuss news & announcements surrounding Bachelor nation. Throughout the series we’ll bring in guests to join in on the fun! Subscribe to all of our Bachelor and Bachelorette podcasts to stay in the know!

Episode Recap

The women tell all, and…America wasn’t feeling it, according to twitter. 20 seconds of uninterrupted bickering exhausted America, and I”m not sure this group of women left looking better than they did when they came in. Besides Kelysey and Victoria F, who had nice moments on the couch with Chris. Hi Ashley I! We see you and your giant-ass bottle of Champagne! We can’t wait for next week, and hopefully people will chill out on the BULLYING. Thanks for tuning in to AfterBuzz TV!

  • Today’s Aftershow was Hosted by: Jeff Graham, Mike Thieling and Christine Alexis!

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