Elder’s Revenge: Will Harlan’s World Survive – S2 E8 ‘Altered Carbon’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Trepp is devastated when she finds out about the real death of her father and quits the team. Kovacs Prime convinces her to return and use her coils to delay the Angelfire that threatens to destroy Harlan’s World. Danica is convinced to broker a deal with the Elder residing in Carrera and offer her the stack of her father who she overthrew and killed in exchange for sparing the planet. Danice betrays the deal and is real deathed by the Elder. Kovacs makes the ultimate sacrifice taking on the Elder in his consciousness and using his mental strength to destroy himself and the Angelfire system. Poe reboots and returns 3 months later witha promise of gettin gback his memories and housing a DHF in his core which appears to be KOvacs who sacrficied him earlier. Trepp gets a happy ending, apparently retiring from bounty hunting, living with her wife and kid and taking over her father’s shop. 

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