Nightmare Alley: Can Kovacs Escape The Circle – S2 E3 ‘Altered Carbon’ Recap & Review

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Altered Carbon is back for season 2, so we’re here at AfterBuzz TV for the ALTERED CARBON AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Tune in to each episode for insight, discussion, and breakdowns on the plots and character developments of each episode! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

 Trepp finds out that her brother, Anil was working in the mines and a suspected Quellist, who took off upon realising the he was on te government list for suspected Quellists. Poe finds an ally in another AI, a retired excavator, who agrees to help him to find some purpose. Kovacs is taken through the extraction process, which reveals to Carrera who we learn is Jaeger, that Kovacs is truly the last envoy. Kovacs is placed in the circle where foe after foe, wearing the faces of those he loves, attack him  until the real Quel shows up, saves him and reveals her memory is lost. 

Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Shaka Smith, Kari Lane, and Nate Miller

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