Sarunas J. Jackson in Studio to Review! – S2 E16 ‘Good Trouble’ Recap & Review

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If you loved ‘The Fosters’ you’ll love ‘Good Trouble’! More importantly you’ll love THE GOOD TROUBLE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Every week our hosts will break down and discuss the different plot points and drama that circulates on the episode! With special segments, news and gossip, plus predictions of whats to come to keep you satiated until the following weeks episode comes out!

Episode Recap

Mariana and the woman are having a photo shoot and interview to promote the Act-ivisim app. Raj seems to be growing closer to Isabella and helps her by becoming a wood elf magician. Callie learns Jamie is the lawyer for CC Hastings and offers double money for the tenants, but she feels like Jamie lied to her. Davia comes to terms with understanding and educating herself on racism and trying to be a good teacher for her kids but the principal threatens her by the possible loss of her job if she joins the Social Equity Committee. Mariana and Evan admit their feelings for each other but Mariana puts a stop to what could be because of her relationship with Raj, and Alex releases a manifesto on why women are not better than men at Speckulate.

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