Picard is in for the Battle of his Life in Star Trek’s Penultimate Episode – S1 E9 ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Recap & Review

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Are you ready to fully explore the world of Star Trek and discover new worlds? From the original series to Discovery to Picard, We’re taking you way back before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission so you can discover everything there is to know about Star Trek. Each week we will discuss new findings and themes from the show. Tune in here for reviews of previous and current seasons, recaps of storylines, and in-depth discussions on specific themes from the trek universe.

Episode Recap

Picard and his crew finally makes it to the home planet of Soju. Reunited with others of her “family” Soji learns of even bigger Roman threat on the horizon. Picard comes clean to the crew about his brain anomaly, and wishes that no one treats him different because of it. Meanwhile Dr. Juradi shares the vision of doom she received from a previous Vulcan Mind Meld.

Hosted by: Christian Bladt, Rachel Goodman, Flobo Boyce, Frank Moran

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