Vagrant Queen S1 E5 Recap & After Show with Danishka Esterhazy

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Space, royalty, outlaws, and a rescue mission! It’s the VAGRANT QUEEN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW where every week our hosts will be breaking down the episode of this SYFY series. Join us as we get ready to blast off to space every week, plus bringing you a special segment and news and gossip!

Episode Recap

The gang manages to sneak into Republic space as station employees and the loyalists pretend to be working with Klive (RIP). Amae and Elida have a couple heart to heart chats as well as a couple sexy close encounters – no kiss yet though. Isaac manages to get caught and later tortured by Lazaro. However, Elida leaves no one behind and goes against Hath’s suggestion to leave Isaac. This also brings up how she never learned why she should value her own life as queen more than anyone else. As part of the escape, there is an epic shoot out where at the end, it seems Ihred sacrifices herself so the others can escape. Unfortunately, as they are flying away, they run into an asteroid field and the crew has to crash land on a new unknown planet.

Hosts Kari Lane and James Maple discuss episode 4 with special guest Daniska Esterhazy, director of episodes 3 and 4.

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