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Witches have never been hotter, and now, we’re covering TV’s best new witch Show, Motherland: Fort Salem. Each week, our incredible team of AfterBuzz TV hosts is here to recap all of the magic, with expert commentary, cultural insights, and even wild fan theories and predictions. From Harry Potter to Eastwick to AHS: Coven, TV Witchdom is a hellishly wonderful space, and we’re here to make sure YOU don’t miss a thing.

Episode Recap

The unit has conflicting goals for attending the Bellweather wedding; Abagail as arranged an opportunity to impress the Dean of the War College, Raelle wants to attend socially with Scylla at her side, and Tally is hopeful of seeing Gerit. Arriving to the wedding, each are surprised to find Scylla, who had disguised herself as a member of the catering staff. Abagail presents her unit, with Scylla in tow, to General Bellweather but fails to meet her mother’s high expectations, furthering Abagail’s insistence they be at their best when the time comes to meet the Dean. After a lovely ceremony, Tally finds Gerit and takes him away to reunite and confess love for one another, though he is troubled with conflict that soon is revealed in the form of a publicly announced betrothal to someone else. Unfortunately, this is when the Dean of the War College arrives to meet the unit which immediately falls apart. Tally has fled to be alone in a nearby bathroom when Scylla enters, thinking she is alone, and communicates with the increasingly demanding Spree. Shaken, Tally exits to share this information with Anacostia while Scylla dances with Raelle, who are also confessing their love for one another. Meanwhile, Abagail discovers her cousin, the bride, murdered in the bathtub and is attacked by two more Spree disguised as catering staff, all before a swarm of balloons floats in over the wedding party. Thankfully, the many officers present protect everyone from the balloons, save for General Bellweather who went looking for and rescued her daughter, yet everyone present is visibly shaken by the event.
Today’s After show was hosted by Kevin Allen, Bryant Santos, Toree Weaver, and Gunner Teixeira. They are joined by special guest Ashley Nicole Williams!
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