Dads Don‘t Always Get It Right & Things Get Hot in Erie Harbor – S1 E4 & E5 ’Home Before Dark’ Recap & Review

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Some cold cases are better left cold. Others are re-opened and a TV series is made about them! This is the latter! Join us on the Home Before Dark AfterBuzz TV After Show where we’ll be discussing Apple TV’s series and diving into the grit and dirty of it. From plot discussions and scene breakdowns, to theories and more. Join us here each week! Subscribe and leave a comment and rating to let us know what you think!

Episode Recap

Episode 4:
Izzy worries about her parents and admits that she misses NY. Hilde gets the original tape of Richie Fife’s abduction and finds out that the tape belonged to a mysterious person later identified as Bird Man. Hilde, Donny and Spoon track down Bird Man who tells them that he turned the tape over to Sheriff Briggs after Richie went missing. Bridget goes to see Sam in prison and offers to help him. Hilde, supported by her dad, confronts the Sheriff at the clam bake. Someone sets Hilde’s bike on fire.
Episode 5:
In the wake of last night’s fire, Matt takes precautionary measures with his girls. Bridgit goes back to work helping Sam. Frank Jr. starts to question his memories about Richie’s disappearance and his dad. The Mayor gets social and makes visits to Hilde at school and the sheriff at home. Matt gets peace when he finds out that his dad (Sylvester) believes him about Sam’s innocence. Hilde almost has the physical evidence that she needs in Sam’s van which she locates at the town salvage yard, but the sheriff beats her to it and has the van destroyed in front of her eyes. Sam attended his sister’s memorial service but at the high price of agreeing not to sue the prison.
Todays Show was hosted by: LaToya Blakely, Kelsey Meyer, and Shyntel DelAguila

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