Robina and Tom Learn Humility While Kasia Has To Let It Go – S1 E3 ‘World on Fire’ After Show

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We’ve seen depictions of WWII but none like this. On the AFTERBUZZ TV WORLD ON FIRE AFTER SHOW our hosts will break down everything, from the Nazi invasion of Poland to the fall of Paris and beyond. While brining you interesting insights, news and gossip and more each episode!

Episode Recap

With Warsaw in ruins and Germany and Russia carving out their slices of Poland, Lois’ brother, Tom, gets a dose of reality when the ship he’s on comes under German bombardment.
Lois arrives at Harry’s military camp where she makes it clear that she won’t accept his apology, something made all the harsher when he learns that she’s pregnant.
Robina learns to care for Jan, something she didn’t do with Harry. When young Jan is picked on at school Robina comes to the rescue.
Douglas is home alone worried about his children who are off fighting for Britain. He’s made all the more worried when he doesn’t receive word if Tom was killed in battle.

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