Is Jasmine Alive?! How Crazy Is Too Crazy – S1 E22 ‘Sistas’ Review & Recap

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What do you get when you put a group of powerful single ladies together in a room? You get Tyler Perry’s Sistas! If you want all the single life tea, join us each week for THE SISTAS AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST! Make sure to subscribe and tune in to stay up to date with all the Sistas  Make sure to tune in and stay up to date with Sistas episodes, news, gossip, and more!

Episode Recap

Ms Lisa goes off on the ex-mother-in-law, while talking to Aaron about how to respect her daughter. At Sabrina’s house… Calvin and Sabrina reveal their deepest darkest secrets to each other while Calvin is highly intoxicated. One of the secrets being that Calvin was molested at the age of nine by a woman who was 40. At a parking garage, Jasmine pops up on Gary and vandalizes his car and then beats him to a pulp with a baseball bat. Gary tries to defend himself and throws her off the roof of the parking garage.

  • This After Show was hosted by L Marie and Howard The 3rd

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