Dex Puts a Stop to Wedding After Murder – S1 E14 ‘Stumptown’ Recap & Review

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What does an Army veteran, criminal investigation, and Portland Oregon have in common? ABC’s Stumptown! On THE STUMPTOWN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST Every week our panel will discuss their thoughts on Dex Parios and her complicated life balancing her work, love life and her brother! They will also bring you amazing news and gossip as well as their special segment I got stumped!

Episode Recap

A woman hires Dex to look into the man her sister is marrying (Zack Knight). As Dex digs, she discovers Zack’s finacée died in a car accident after a driver hit and killed her. But as Dex dives even deeper, she realizes the drunk driver was actually Jess, the woman who Zack planned on marrying. Dex interrupts the wedding, and Jess reveals the truth. Unable to forgive her, Zack storms off. 

Hoffman’s battling his own demons. His father insists on representing Chaz which the judge rules isn’t actually a conflict of interest. Hoffman fights fire with fire and finds ex-employees of his father who speak out against him anonymously. At the end, Lionel says this makes him proud of his son.

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